6 Reasons Why I'm Moving My Blog

Normally Fridays are reserved for my Fill-Me-In Friday links roundup. But today I wanted to talk about a big change I've decided on. After almost three years, 575 posts, and gaining about 2000 followers through Google Friend Connect and email subscriptions, I've decided that it's time for me to close the Fiction Groupie chapter and move all of my blogging to my main website.


This decision is one I've wrestled with for about six months because I love writing this blog and hanging out with you guys, but juggling two blogs and being limited to only writing topics over here has become a bit too much.


I will still talk about writing and will still be doing the Friday links round up over at my author blog, but the other three days will be broader topics.


Here is my tentative schedule:

  • Monday: Made of Win Monday - where I share simple things to brighten dark Mondays
  • Tuesday: Boyfriend of the Week
  • Wednesday: Writer Wednesday
  • Thursday: Books/Film/Flex Day - No theme so it may be an update on my 50/50 challenge, it may be a guest post, it could be anything.
  • Friday: Fill Me In Friday - This is the regular Fiction Groupie links round up of the best posts I've run across that week.


I also have a brand new, shiny Writer's Resource Page where I've sifted through all 575 of those FicGroupie posts and have pulled out the best articles and organized them by writing topic. It's so purty all organized and stuff *pets*. I will be adding to that page as I write new writing posts as well. But hopefully this will make sifting through the archive painless.



6 Reasons Why I'm Making the Change

1. Long-term home

I hope to be around for a while and if I stay here on a free Blogger account, I am building something on someone else's space. For instance, if someone reports my site as spammy or offensive or whatever, Blogger can take away my blog and give me no access to my archives. The likelihood of that happening is slim, but still a reminder that they have my content, not me.


2. Domain name

It looks more professional to have your blog on your own domain name. 


3The follower count began to be too important

People are impressed by a follower count, which is fine. But when I realized *I* was feeling tied to that follower count, I knew I needed to let it go. I don't do this for some arbitrary number I can stick on a badge. I do this because I like to chat with you guys, debate topics, and share new ideas. I hope most of you will follow me over, but it's not because you're some head of cattle to count.


4. Flexibility

I love writing about writing, publishing, and social networking. But sometimes I have other things I want to talk about. Because this became such a niche blog, I didn't feel comfortable throwing in other topics. The new set up and schedule will allow me to talk about a number of things.


5. Streamlining my life

As things have gotten busier, I've developed a deep need to simplify and streamline my life. Not just online, but in all aspects. And maintaining two blogs on two different platforms was clunky. I want to do everything in one place.


6. Sometimes chapters need to end

This blog's tagline is "Pantsing My Way Through Debut Authorhood". I've tracked everything from my failed first attempt at a novel, my querying process, getting rejected, getting an agent, and finally getting my debut published. There's still a lot ahead, but I do feel like I'm moving into a new chapter. 


So what does this mean for you? Hopefully it means you'll follow me over at the new place. Here's how you do that:





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