I don't always have a celebrity in mind for a character, but I have a solid image in my head of what a character looks like. What's funny is often when readers send me how they picture a character, it's very different from my image. I love that. We can create who we want in our head. But if you're curious to see how I picture the heroes, here are some pics that come close. :)  (Note: *Photos purchased from Big Stock. Please do not repost.)


Want to see the celebrity inspirations and more pics? Click on the links.

Grant Waters | Looks like: Blake Shelton

Reid Jamison | Looks like: Matt Bomer

Jace Austin | Looks like: model Andy Speer (click for pics, but warning, some NSFW)

Ian Foster | Looks like: Ian Somerhalder

Colby Wilkes | Looks like: Joe Manganiello

Kade Vandergriff (Master Van) | Looks like: Alexander Skarsgard

Wyatt Austin | Looks like: Henry Cavill with glasses

Pike Ryland | Looks like: This guy


Well, duh, disclaimer: Obviously these pics are just inspiration and are in no way saying anything about the actors/models or places in the photos. :)