Boyfriend of the Week: Brad Pitt

Okay, so I know this week's pic is like a "duh". This is the go-to stereotypical hot guy that we use now like his name is a turn a phrase. Plus, after the whole Jennifer Aniston/Angelina Jolie thing, my interest in Brad cooled a bit.

However, last week I saw Moneyball and I have to say--he was fabulous in it. And the movie kicked ass. So Brad, darling, you're back on my yum list. Well, at least this week. ;) I'm fickle.

So hope you enjoy...

And for a great does of Brad, check out Moneyball. Here's the trailer. (And I promise you don't have to be into sports to enjoy the movie.)

So what are your thoughts on Brad? Over him or classic crush? And anyone else see Moneyball?