Boyfriend of the Week Casting Call


 As most of you know, every Tuesday here at the blog is Boyfriend of the Week day where I choose a yummy celebrity to completely objectify in pictures. : ) 

Good times are had by all.

But this week, I'm asking you for future candidates for posts.

What celebrities/models/athletes/musicians would you like to see featured as a boyfriend of the week?

Put your suggestions in the comments. If I choose to feature someone you suggested, I will be sure to link to you and your blog (so make sure you leave that link too in your comment.)

The only requirements for suggestions are that they are male and haven't been featured before. : ) (If you need a refresher on who we've already "done" --tee-hee--, you can click here and see all 31 of them.)

And just as a random fact...Want to know which of all those Boyfriends of the Week has gotten the most hits and STILL gets the most hits? Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue  Who knew.

Thank you in advance to everyone who takes the time to offer up some mancandy suggestions! *hugs*