Boyfriend of the Week: CRASH INTO YOU Edition - Rob Lowe

Today marks one week from the release of my debut romance, CRASH INTO YOU. (Squee!) So in honor of that, I thought I'd give you a few pics of my visual inspiration for my hero, Reid.

Reid is a lawyer, a dominant, and a guy who has a lot of tough things in his background he's dealing with. Oh, and he's smexy. The book is dual timeline, so every other chapter alternates between the past and present. That gave me the opportunity to write both college-aged Reid and adult Reid. And when I pictured him in my head, I needed an actor I'd seen grow from young to distinguished. So Rob Lowe seemed like a perfect fit. (Not in personality, just looks.) 

So here's some Reid, er, Rob for you...

What do you think? Any Rob fans out there? It's the eyes that kill me. I'm a sucker for blue eyes.


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