Boyfriend of the Week - Eduardo Verastegui

Welcome to the first feature on my new site--Fictional Boyfriend of the Week. One of the many perks of being a romance writer is being able to look at photos of beautiful people on the internet and calling it "book research". So each week, I'll share my very hard work with you. (Heh, look at that, a pun.)

This week I'm in the final stretch of finishing the first draft of the second book in my contemporary erotic series, MELT INTO YOU. This book feature two delicious heroes. So, in honor of getting close to the end, I'm selecting as my first fictional boyfriend of the week--Eduardo Verastegui. In my head, this is how I picture Andre in MELT INTO YOU. Now, I know the real Eduardo is highly religious and would never be caught in an erotic romance novel, but oh well. That's why we call it fiction. In my world, this is how Andre (my cop with a dominant streak and a big heart) looks. So enjoy!

So what do you think? Anyone want to invite him over for some iced tea?