Boyfriend of the Week: Blake Shelton

The last two weeks I've gone with the vampire theme picking Ian Somerhalder and Alexander Skarsgard, so this week I figured I'd change it up a bit and share with you another of my character inspirations--country music singer Blake Shelton.

Now, admittedly, I don't keep up with country music all that much anymore. (I went through a phase when I was in college because I was dating aboy who listened to nothing but.) However, I have always had a healthy appreciation for a southern accent, a cowboy hat, and some well-fitting Wranglers. Just sayin'. 

Add in the fact that Blake Shelton is 6'7" and seems to have a great sense of humor and he's won me over completely. (If you're not watching the new show The Voice, where he's one of the judges, along with a future boyfriend of the week Adam Levine, then you're missing out. Great show. Yummy men.)

So before I'd even seen him on the new show, I'd chosen him as my character inspiration for Grant, the owner of The Ranch--the retreat my characters go to in both book one and two. My plan is for Grant to get his own leading role and be the hero in my book three. So *fingers crossed* that I get the opportunity to write that one.

Now, I know Blake can't *technically* be our boyfriend this week because he's engaged and mad in love with Miranda Lambert. But whatevs, we'll soldier through anyway. Enjoy! 



So what do you think? Are you a country music fan or watching The Voice? How do you feel about the whole southern boy/cowboy hero--are you as much of a sucker for them as I am?