Boyfriend of the Week: Joshua Jackson

So this week, I'm rocking it old school (wait, is saying rocking it old school too...old school?) Nevermind. Let's just say I'm reaching back to my late high school/early college days and featuring my big time crush....Joshua Jackson.

Yes, I know he's on that show Fringe and I fully intend on netflix-ing the seasons, but in my heart of hearts, Joshua Jackson will always be Pacey from Dawson's Creek to me.

Yes the show was called Dawson's Creek, but for me it was all about bad boy/funny guy/chip on his shoulder/romantic Pacey. *gives a little high school style sigh*

Now unfortunately, Mr. Jackson seems to only pose with his shirt on, but he's still pretty nice to look at all dressed and stuff. (If you're itching for more naughty pics in general, then check out my new hotness tab up above.) 



Why I fell in love with the Pacey character, click to watch the video below:

 So any other die hard Dawson Creek fans out there? If so, were you a Dawson or Pacey fan? If not, what is your nostalgic teenage/YA show?