Boyfriend of the Week: Alexander Skarsgard/Eric Northma

Last week when I picked Ian Somerhalder as my Fictional Boyfriend of the Week, a debate erupted in the comments when Karla posed the question: Damon (Ian's character on Vampire Diares) or Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard's character on True Blood.) Gah! Hot vampire vs. hot vampire--how does a girl choose?!

Based on the height factor (I'm 5'9") and the scene I'll post below, I ended up picking Eric/Alexander if I HAD to choose. And many many agreed. (There were a few Damon hold outs.) But Eric won in a landslide.

So I'm nothing if not a people pleaser. Therefore, this week I present to you the wickedly bad Eric Northman as played by Alexander Skarsgard. (WARNING: THe scene at the end is NSFW--not safe for work).



And now for the scene that was the knock out punch for many in the Damon vs. Eric debate. (Although poor Damon is stuck with the restrictions of network TV. He couldn't quite get away with what Eric does on HBO.)

Once again, this clip is NSFW. Do not write me mean comments when you play it at work and get yourself all fired and stuff. *stern face*




So what do you think? Are you an Eric/True Blood fan? Have you read the books because I think that's really what made me fall in love with Eric? Whose your favorite vampire bad boy?