Boyfriend of the Week: Jared Leto

 Okay, so this one probably isn't a surprise to most of you. I have a tendency to talk about Jared Leto now and again. But really, who can resist a guy with eyes like that who is a great actor AND a rockstar at the same time? That's just not fair.
I first fell in lurve with Jared when I was in high school and he played Jordan Catalano on My So Called Life. *swoon* (Still one of the best shows ever even though it was unfairly cancelled after one season. *still bitter*) He also played roles in the movies Panic Room, Requiem for a Dream, and Fight Club (and many others).


But then he branched out and started a band with his brother--30 Seconds to Mars. Admittedly, I first took a listen to their music simply because I was a fan of Jared. But then I was wowed. GREAT music, people. If you've been living in a cave and haven't heard their stuff, go download it now. They rock. And in concert they're even better. (Check out the last photo in this list--that's how close I got to the lovely Mr. Leto at last year's Edge Fest here in Dallas.)


So, hope you enjoy...



And my personal pic from Edge Fest. Yes, he's even hot with a pink mohawk.


And if all that wasn't enough to inspire fandom, they do amazing music videos. I love The Kill's video because they do a play on the movie The Shining. So here's that one.



But I'm also linking to Hurricane below. This one is a personal favorite because it has a BDSM theme. It starts "This is a dream." And I was like--wow, Jared, you dream that you're a sexual dominant? What a coincidence--that's exactly how you show up in my dreams too. Lol ;)

Here's the MTV censored version. (I can't embed the unedited one but here is the link if you want that one instead.)



So what say you, readers? Any Jared fans out there? 30 Seconds to Mars fans?