Boyfriend of the Week: Ryan Gosling

Okay, so this weekend me and the hubs actually got to have a date night and we went to see Crazy, Stupid Love. And OMG, beyond giving me this week's boyfriend, it was such a great movie! Like best movie I've see all year. For reals. Go see it. I really did laugh out loud throughout and also had to fight back tears. 

The writer in me wants to see it again just so I can break down all the genius things they did with the script. The super fast setup, the great hook, the way they had two major storylines that blended together seamlessly. Oh, and there's even a Dirty Dancing reference. So win all around. Did I mention you should go see it?

Need more of a sales pitch? How about the delicious Ryan Gosling to tempt you into to the theatre. He was so funny and likeable in this movie while still playing a super smooth "player" role. And the reaction that Emma Stone has at the end of the preview below--"Oh my god, it's like you're photo-shopped!"--is what you know we'd all be thinking in her position. But anyhoo, here is this week's Boyfriend. Enjoy!



Make sure you watch this trailer all the way to the end in order to get Mr. Gosling taking his shirt off. ;)


Has anyone else seen this movie? What do you think of the pick this week?