Boyfriend of the Week Is Moving (Sort of)

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Photo by Victor1558 (cc)

So for over a year, I've had a pretty regular Tuesday feature of Boyfriend of the Week. It's a fun feature and usually gets the most hits of all my regular themes. But recently some logistical issues have come up with it and I've decided to end it in it's current form. :sad face: 

However, fear not! The mancandy will no go away. It's just going to be a different format. I will be tweeting and facebooking regular mancandy pics--both celebrity and non-celebrity through the week. Then on Tuesdays, I'll post a round up of the links here. (Though I haven't decided if that will be in addition to a post or a post in and of itself. I might even add is as a part of Fill-Me-In Friday. We'll see how it works out.)

So if you still want to be getting a regular dose of mancandy, make sure you follow me on one of those platforms: Twitter or Facebook.

And here are a few to get you through this week...

The Best Mancandy of the Week:

Fernando Sippel via the ManCrush Blog

Tattooed mancandy via Sidney Bristol

Look Mancandy with real chest hair via LD's Tumblegasm

Yes, please. Mancandy with aviators. Kind of reminds me of how I picture Reid from CRASH INTO YOU

What We're Really Picturing When Watching Football Players

Man Candy Monday: Joe Manganiello via Natalie Murphy


And a few couple photos:

Love this - Summer love

Sweet couple (includes shirtless guy too--bonus)



Hope you enjoy! Thoughts on having links listed--i.e. are you willing to click through links or is that too much trouble? Sorry for having to switch things around on y'all. 

**Update (12/12): This feature has gone away completely. Mainly, because of the time it takes to gather all of these. When I run across great "boyfriend" material, I sometimes include it in my Friday links roundup. But there will be no more specific Boyfriend of the Week posts. Thanks.