Boyfriend of the Week: Jensen Ackles (via Ashley Graham)

I am still recovering from RWA, so the fun and fabulous Ashley Graham has stopped by to share her Boyfriend of the Week with us. I'm thinking I need to turn over the boyfriend picking duties to my fellow writers more often. They are introducing me to some hawt boys.

So take it away, Ashley...

Ashley Graham's Boyfriend of the Week: Jensen Ackles

Matt Bomer is hot – I won't dare deny it – but this Texas boy's been revving up MY engine ever since I first spied him in an issue of Tiger Beat ten years ago (and promptly taped his picture to my wall):


If you've been watching Supernatural as long as I have, you know him as Dean Winchester, the oldest of the two brooding Winchester brothers. If you've ever watched Supernatural, you also know this: there's nothing sexier than watching this rugged, man's man occasionally shed a tear as he fights demons and angels, saves the world from the apocalypse, and strives to protect his little brother at all costs. Dean and Sam (Jared Padalecki) take the term “bromance” to a sizzling level – to the point you almost don't care there's not a lot of hooking up (or girls, period) on this show. (Okay, so there was this one time when Dean hooked up with an angel and Sam hooked up with a demon. In the same episode. And it was so. Flippin'. HOT. But still.)


Let's just suffice it to say, Jensen's one of the hottest TV actors around. He kicks imaginary ass. He has a smokin' body. And he's funny, too:

 *Embedding of this video was disabled on YouTube, but definitely click over. Super fun.--Roni*

Eye of the Tiger video

What do you say, girls? Would you take a ride from this hottie? 


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