What order should I read the books in?

Though most of my books are part of a series, they can always be read as standalones as each book has its own couple or triad that it focuses on. However, if you'd like to read them in order, you can find the order here. Or you can view it as a printable list.


Are we going to see more of *insert character* or *insert series*?

On my Coming Soon page, I keep you updated as to which books are in the works. I would love to have time to write more books about certain characters or in certain worlds, but time (the jerk!) is limited, and I have to pick and choose the projects that I'm most passionate about. So, I have not ended or "killed" any of my series, but I don't always have hard plans to write something next in a particular world. But as soon as I know, I announce things on my blog and/or newsletter.


How can I get my book signed?

If you bought my book on Kindle and would like a digital autograph, you can request one here at Kindlegraph.

If you want one signed in person, check out my Events page to see when and where I'll be doing signings. I also occasionally hold giveaways with signed copies.


Will books that are released in ebook first ever be available in paperback?

With most traditional publishers, only full length novels are put into paperback. The e-only books I have out are either novellas or short novels and it would be cost-prohibitive for them to put it into paperback (they'd have to charge too much for the amount of content.) However, starting in 2017, I will be transitioning into hybrid publishing (publishing my erotic romances independently and publishing contemporary romances with Sourcebooks). This should allow me to have all my future books available both in ebook and print. 


What's the best way to know what's happening with your books and what's coming up?

Sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know about new releases, contests, and other fun stuff! Or join my FB group the Fearless Romantics.


What do you like to read?

I keep track of everything I read on Goodreads and often do reviews of books I love. I also keep a list of everything I read each year. If I really love something, I'll feature it on the blog. 


Why aren't some of your ebooks available in the UK, Australia, or other countries?

Foreign rights for ebooks are a bit complicated. My books will usually be available in both the UK and Australian markets in ebook, but I do not always have the time table from my publisher on when. I also have some books published in other countries and languages. Just know that my goal is to have my books everywhere but it's not necessarily up to me. :)


Do you have a soundtrack in mind for your books?

Yes. Music is a big inspiration for me. I have a list of songs that inspired stories and scenes, a list of character anthems, and a playlist of the sexy stuff I use as background for the BDSM scenes. You can see all those lists and listen to the songs here.


I'm a writer, can you critique my work or give me feedback on a story idea?

Unfortunately, critiquing is very time-intensive, and with my schedule, I no longer have room to do it unless it's for an occasional contest or a charity auction. As for giving you feedback on a story idea, I can't do that for legal reasons. If you need help finding critique partners, I recommend joining a local writers' group like a chapter of RWA to connect with writers who are willing to exchange feedback. I also teach online writing classes at different times of the year. See my For Writers page to find out more and sign up for alerts.


I've read your books, what other books would you recommend that are like yours?

I've done a few blog posts giving some recommendations. 

What to Read If You've Read 50 Shades of Grey and Want More BDSM Romance

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What to Read If You've Never Read...Menage Romance

What To Read If You've Never Read...BDSM Romance

I'm also constantly giving recommendations on the blog for books I love. If you don't want to have to check the blog regularly, sign up for my newsletter and get the recommendations in your inbox.


Do you accept sponsored posts or content on your blog?

No. Though I use affiliate links for books and products I discuss, I don't accept sponsored posts/content. Emails requesting such will not be answered.


I'd like for you to speak at my event, do a signing in my city, or give a workshop to my group. How do I make that happen?

You can reach out to me on my Contact page to invite me to your event.  I try to attend a few events a year, but I do have to limit my travel due to the expense, family obligations, and my writing schedule. So please book early as once I've filled the slots for that year, I won't be able to add more. Events that cover some expenses will be given priority.