Marcus Schenkenberg - Boyfriend of the Week via Author Ju Dimello

Today I have a special guest for you guys, author Ju Dimello. And she brings mancandy! Yay!

So I'm just going to hand it over to her...

When I had to write a demon, one with bangs and one who'd be so sinfully delicious that my heroine--who's already in love with the fae hero--will have to fall for the demon, the only picture that came to my mind was Marcus ;) He looks yummy without his shirt..but he's absolutely drool-worthy suited up or in casuals. I must say, I found him the perfect inspiration when it came to tackling my difficult edits..since the story was written before I found Marcus....:sigh:  

I, for one, usually love some chest hair on a guy ;) Not the mushy, cuddly bear type, but a slight smattering would do.... Completely "shaved" chests don't usually do it for me.....Unless it is Marcus Schenkenberg !!! :wipes drool from face: What do you think? 

Let me allow the pictures to speak more than any thousand words I could come up with ;) while I thank Roni for featuring me in her blog! And, tell me know who your current "fantasy" crush is and I'll pick a winner in a week to award Marc--ahem, a e-copy of Fiery Icicle.  


Now that Ju has graced us with mancandy, show thanks by checking out her book...


Madeline is hoping the lust she shares with half-fae Zach will soon turn into something more permanent. Until Nathanial comes along, claiming to be her appointed guardian, only to strip her veneer of civility with blatant sexuality. In a race against time across the snow-covered mountains of Switzerland to join Zach, they face not only a threat to their lives, but also a dangerous whirlpool of forbidden emotions.Zach considers himself the luckiest fae to have Madeline in his life. They scorch the sheets when they’re together, but when she comes to him wearing the scent of Nathanial, all bets are off. And when Madeline finds out about the unique bond Zach and Nathanial share, it may drive her away from both forever.


So what do y'all think of Marcus? Did Ju make a good choice?