Boyfriend of the Week: Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Ah, Tuesday again. This week I'm breaking out another of my long-time crushes. I've had a thing for this Boyfriend of the Week since I was nine and he was haunting the halls of Bayside. I've seen every episode of Saved By the Bell more times than I'd care to admit and yes, I even watched the college years.

But unlike many child stars, Mark-Paul Gosselaar has continued to get parts through the years and is now playing a lawyer on the new TNT show Franklin & Bash. I've only gotten to see one episode so far, but seems like a fun show.

So let's bring on the clip. This is from a different show, but super hot. :)


So what do you think? Any other Saved by the Bell fans out there? Anyone watching Franklin and Bash? Hotter as a blond or brunnette? (I say brunnette all the way.)