Boyfriend of the Week: Nikki Sixx

Okay, I know I may lose some of you on this one. I'm going a little off course with this week's pick because tonight I'm going to the Motley Crue/Poison concert and had to share my rockstar love for Nikki Sixx--bassist for Motley Crue.

I've always loved watching him perform. I think I've seen the Crue perform six times (?)--somewhere in there and Nikki never fails to command the stage. Plus, I read their autobiography THE DIRT (great book btw) and though Nikki has lived a wild life (complete with dying on the table from a heroine overdose and coming back to life), he's intelligent, dark, funny, and talented. I mean--who would have the balls to set up his outgoing phone message after a heroine overdose to say "Hey, it's Nikki. I'm not here because I'm dead"?

So anyway, disagree with me if you will, but here is my pick for the week. Mr. Nikki Sixx:

So any of you out there share my 80s rocker love?