Boyfriend of the Week: Richard Armitage

This week the Boyfriend of the Week was via request. Here's what Fiona emailed me:

Please please feature actor Richard Armitage as your Boyfriend of the Week some time soon - British, smoulderingly handsome, great torso, lovely man, just right for your column. I watched 'North and South' (Elizabeth Gaskell a la BBC Classic drama series) and fell in love with him. (Sigh!) Pity we live in different countries. However, he might notice me if you feature him...

So, who am I to stand in the way of love? Richard, if you're reading this, give Fiona a ring. :)

And thanks for Fiona for introducing me to the yummy Mr. Armitage!

(If anyone else would like to make requests, feel free to email me at roniloren(at)live(dot)com  I'm always open to discovering new mancandy. :)  )

Now enjoy...


So what do you think? Anyone going to fight Fiona for him? And anyone else going to head over to the BBC more often?