Boyfriend of the Week Is Moving (Sort of)

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So for over a year, I've had a pretty regular Tuesday feature of Boyfriend of the Week. It's a fun feature and usually gets the most hits of all my regular themes. But recently some logistical issues have come up with it and I've decided to end it in it's current form. :sad face: 

However, fear not! The mancandy will no go away. It's just going to be a different format. I will be tweeting and facebooking regular mancandy pics--both celebrity and non-celebrity through the week. Then on Tuesdays, I'll post a round up of the links here. (Though I haven't decided if that will be in addition to a post or a post in and of itself. I might even add is as a part of Fill-Me-In Friday. We'll see how it works out.)

So if you still want to be getting a regular dose of mancandy, make sure you follow me on one of those platforms: Twitter or Facebook.

And here are a few to get you through this week...

The Best Mancandy of the Week:

Fernando Sippel via the ManCrush Blog

Tattooed mancandy via Sidney Bristol

Look Mancandy with real chest hair via LD's Tumblegasm

Yes, please. Mancandy with aviators. Kind of reminds me of how I picture Reid from CRASH INTO YOU

What We're Really Picturing When Watching Football Players

Man Candy Monday: Joe Manganiello via Natalie Murphy


And a few couple photos:

Love this - Summer love

Sweet couple (includes shirtless guy too--bonus)



Hope you enjoy! Thoughts on having links listed--i.e. are you willing to click through links or is that too much trouble? Sorry for having to switch things around on y'all. 

**Update (12/12): This feature has gone away completely. Mainly, because of the time it takes to gather all of these. When I run across great "boyfriend" material, I sometimes include it in my Friday links roundup. But there will be no more specific Boyfriend of the Week posts. Thanks.

The Joe Manganiello Growl & Magic Mike to Brighten Your Day

This week I am in the middle of doing major edits on Grant's book, so I am in the writer's cave. However, to keep you occupied on Boyfriend of the Week day, I thought I'd give you a bit of Joe Manganiello growl and some Magic Mike loveliness.

And hottest thing about this video is not the growl. It's the the fact that he thanks Charlaine Harris, the WRITER, in the first part of his acceptance speech. It drives me crazy at movie/TV awards when someone wins with a movie that was based on a book and thanks everybody from casting to craft services, and the author is never mentioned. So annoying.



And Sunday, I finally got the chance to see Magic Mike. My self-sacrificing husband actually went along with me. He gets lots of brownie points for taking me. Good man. Here's a little snippet if you haven't seen it (or even if you have and want to watch again.)


Hope you enjoy your Tuesday! And send good editing thoughts my way, I'm in the need of an epiphany that is going to fix everything by next Monday.

The Men of True Blood Video - Boyfriends of the Week

So I'm in the middle of an epic, pain in the ass project (not a writing project unfortunately), so I didn't have time to rustle up fresh mancandy. However, I will not leave you hanging for Boyfriend of the Week Tuesday.

Instead, I have motion. : )

Hope you enjoy the men of True Blood. (This video is safe for work.)

Who's your favorite? I'm on an Alicide kick right now, but I still can't resist Eric either.

Marcus Schenkenberg - Boyfriend of the Week via Author Ju Dimello

Today I have a special guest for you guys, author Ju Dimello. And she brings mancandy! Yay!

So I'm just going to hand it over to her...

When I had to write a demon, one with bangs and one who'd be so sinfully delicious that my heroine--who's already in love with the fae hero--will have to fall for the demon, the only picture that came to my mind was Marcus ;) He looks yummy without his shirt..but he's absolutely drool-worthy suited up or in casuals. I must say, I found him the perfect inspiration when it came to tackling my difficult edits..since the story was written before I found Marcus....:sigh:  

I, for one, usually love some chest hair on a guy ;) Not the mushy, cuddly bear type, but a slight smattering would do.... Completely "shaved" chests don't usually do it for me.....Unless it is Marcus Schenkenberg !!! :wipes drool from face: What do you think? 

Let me allow the pictures to speak more than any thousand words I could come up with ;) while I thank Roni for featuring me in her blog! And, tell me know who your current "fantasy" crush is and I'll pick a winner in a week to award Marc--ahem, a e-copy of Fiery Icicle.  


Now that Ju has graced us with mancandy, show thanks by checking out her book...


Madeline is hoping the lust she shares with half-fae Zach will soon turn into something more permanent. Until Nathanial comes along, claiming to be her appointed guardian, only to strip her veneer of civility with blatant sexuality. In a race against time across the snow-covered mountains of Switzerland to join Zach, they face not only a threat to their lives, but also a dangerous whirlpool of forbidden emotions.Zach considers himself the luckiest fae to have Madeline in his life. They scorch the sheets when they’re together, but when she comes to him wearing the scent of Nathanial, all bets are off. And when Madeline finds out about the unique bond Zach and Nathanial share, it may drive her away from both forever.


So what do y'all think of Marcus? Did Ju make a good choice?

THE SIREN Takes Over Boyfriend of the Week

Today I have a special treat for you. Tiffany Reisz is back, giving us ALL the boyfriends from her debut novel THE SIREN . If you haven't read this book yet, what are you waiting for? It's gorgeous and dark and beautifully written. Plus hello, it has all these delicious men in it. Really, this isn't because she's a friend, her book is amazing. This story convinced me I could enjoy erotica and not just erotic romance. (Yes, there's a difference.) 

THE SIREN has been early-released in ebook, so you can get it now. The paperback will be out in July.

Now over ot Tiffany and her men--oh, and fair warning if you're at work, Tiffany's excerpts are 18+.


Boyfriends of the Week - The Siren

Hi Friends and Fellow Man-Lovers! 

Once again Roni’s bad judgment has gotten the better of her and she’s allowing me to run roughshod all over her blog. I’m not here for the Boyfriend of the Week post. I’m here for the BoyfriendS of the Week.

That’s right. BoyfriendS. Plural. It’s the week of THE SIREN (my full-length erotic women’s fiction debut), and I brought all my men with me. 

At a recent writers’ conference, my agent described THE SIREN as a book with a hero, a heroine, another hero, another hero, another hero, and another heroine. Pretty accurate assessment. After all, THE SIREN is merely book one in an eight-book series called THE ORIGINAL SINNERS. I need a whole lot of sinners if I’m going to fill up eight books. 

THE SIREN is the story of Nora Sutherlin, a quirky and beautiful Dominatrix and her rich and powerful lovers and clients. She’s also an erotica writer on killer deadlines and the world’s sexiest editor is cracking the whip. On top of that, she’s got a nymphomaniac Frenchman for a boss, an all-American, virginal teenage boy for an intern, and you don’t even want to know who she’s sleeping with. 

Oh wait. Yes, you do.


Let’s meet our boys, shall we?


Hero #1

Zachary “Zach” Easton

Occupation: Uptight editor of literary fiction

Hobbies: Being British and mean to his writers


“You do realize that working with you could be bad for my career,” Zach said. “I do literary fiction, not-”

“Literary friction?” 

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Zach shook his head.

Nora leaned in close to him. He was suddenly and uncomfortably aware of the long, bare curve of her neck. She smelled of hothouse flowers in bloom.

“I can.” She breathed the words into his ear.



Hero #2

Wesley “Wes” Railey

Occupation: Full-time College Student, Part-time Babysitter to a Writer

Hobbies: Horseback riding and trying to get Nora to behave for five whole minutes 


“It's okay,” he said a little breathlessly. He curled up around the pillow and pulled his legs into his chest. “It's just, you're, I’m…”

“Turned on? I know you are. You’re accent gets thicker when you get-”

“Nora, please.”

“You can tell me, Wes.”

“Yes,” he confessed. “Very. I'm sorry. Just give me a few minutes to think about my dead grandmother and I'll be okay.”

“Can I help you?”

“I don't think so. You never met my dead grandmother.”


Hero #3

Griffin Randolfe Fiske

Occupation: Trust Fund Baby

Hobbies: Causing trouble, getting tattoos, lifting weights, going to rehab, flirting with everyone.


“Blowjob on a British guy?” Griffin asked with some concern. “You're a braver bitch than I. No offense,” Griffin said turning to Zach. “I have a foreskin phobia.”

“Zach's Jewish,” Nora said.

Griffin nodded his approval. “Mazel tov.”



Hero? #4

Kingsley Edge (not his real last name)

Occupation: Clubowner and King of New York’s Underground BDSM Scene

Hobbies: Seducing women, seducing men, being French and attractive, shopping 


“Miss me?” Nora asked.

“I miss you. My bank account misses you.”

“Your bank account is bigger than the G.D.P. of Luxembourg, King.”

“Oui, Maîtresse.” He took a bigger swig of his drink. “But Luxembourg is such a small kingdom.”


Hero #5


Occupation: You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Hobbies: Playing piano and mindfucking anyone who tries to get in-between him and Nora


“You know her that well, do you?” Søren asked, turning to face him full on. “Before tonight she scared you, didn’t she? Her fearlessness, her brazenness, I’m sure it’s terrifying at first. Foreign to those who lead the proverbial life of quiet desperation as I imagine you do. She scared you with the sheer force of her life and being. But now you look around and think her courage is merely a byproduct of her damage. You imagine I abused her, changed her. And you would save her, as Wesley imagines he can? You would be her knight in shining armor? Yes, before you feared her and now you pity her. I assure you, Zachary, you were right the first time.”


 Tiffany Reisz lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her boyfriend (a reformed book reviewer) and two cats (one good, one evil). She graduated with a B.A. in English from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky and is making both her parents and her professors proud by writing BDSM erotica under her real name. She has five piercings, one tattoo, and has been arrested twice. 

When not under arrest, Tiffany enjoys Latin Dance, Latin Men, and Latin Verbs. She dropped out of a conservative southern seminary in order to pursue her dream of becoming a smut peddler. Johnny Depp’s aunt was her fourth grade teacher. Her first full-length novel THE SIREN was inspired by a desire to tie up actor Jason Isaacs (on paper). She hopes someday life will imitate art (in bed). 

If she couldn’t write, she would die.

Thanks, Tiffany! Whew, alright, so which hero are you going for? I have a bit of a thing for Wesley, but Tiffany makes all her heroes interestiing so it's definitely a hard choice. :)

Alex O'Loughlin - Boyfriend of the Week via Sharla Lovelace

Today I'm rerunning a boyfriend of the week, but with good reason. When Sharla stopped by orginally, her book, The Reason is You , had just come out and I hadn't read it yet. But now that I have, I needed to see this post again, lol.

Seriously, if you haven't read her book yet, check it out. I know it sounds like I'm just pimping a friend, but I don't rave about books I don't genuinely like. I couldn't put this one down and I loved every minute of the journey. This is the beauty of meeting writers. This is probably not a book I would've picked up on my own since I wouldn't have thought romantic women's fiction (with a paranormal twist) would've been my thing. But I'm SO glad I did. I can't wait for Sharla's next book. I'm officially a fan girl.

Now over to Sharla...

Hi and I’m so glad to be here!  

When she told me I could do a Boyfriend of the Week and talk about who I pictured as my main guy for THE REASON IS YOU, it was shameful how quickly I jumped on that.  There are actually two main men in the story, but back in the beginning…wayyyyy back in the seed of an idea that the story was at first….there was only one fact I knew for sure.  That my main character Dani Shane had a mad love for a man she’d known her whole life and could never touch…because he was a ghost.  And in my head after watching season after season of Moonlight and the sexiest vampire I’d ever known…always wearing black… that all-black-wearing ghost had to be Alex O’Loughlin.

And his character’s name became...ahem…Alex.  Um, yeah, but his last name is Stone so…yanno.  Nobody can prove I was thinking of him when I wrote it.  And I trust y’all.  You wouldn’t sell me out, right?  Or then maybe you should, and Alex O’Loughlin would read about it, and decide he needed to read that book, and then decide he needed to play that part, and go talk to directors about optioning the script, and then…and then…he’d call me at home and say he needed to come talk to me in person about it…  

Okay, I need to quit.  I’m starting to hyperventilate and my dog’s looking at me funny.  And so is my husband.  *glancing sideways*

So here you go…some Alex eye candy.  With commentary from me.  

Alex O'Loughlin

Photo via Eva Rinaldi



*other photos no longer available*

So there you go!  Now you can all rejoice with me in the ecstasy that is Alex O’Loughlin.  Yum.  What do you think?

Thank you, Roni!

ABOUT SHARLA: Sharla once hunted for crab in a Honduran jungle, and explored an unknown cave on her belly through a rabbit hole. Not in the same night.  Now, she lives in Southeast Texas by the Neches River with her family, an old lady dog, and 19 cockatiels--the birds actually have their own house outside. The Reason is You is her debut novel, and her second book, BEFORE AND EVER SINCE, is due out in November.

When she's not writing, doing the day job, or doing the family thing, she's stalking her Twitter feed (way too much).

Sharla can be found at her website, as well as… Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads under ‘sharlalovelace’.



In the small river town of Bethany, Dani Shane never fit in. Being different pushed her to the fringes of society, and even leaving town for two decades didn't stop the talk. Now, with her sixteen year-old daughter Riley in tow, Dani is back in Bethany looking for a fresh start. Too bad her plans for staying under the radar are about to be thrown out the window.

Mischievous and sexy, Dani's old friend Alex still has the power to rock her world, but there's a big obstacle standing in their way—Alex has been dead for forty years. With a ghost popping up at inopportune moments and sparking conversations with her teenage daughter, Dani scrambles to find solid ground and get a grip—both on her sanity and her heart.

Now don't you all wanna go out and buy Sharla's book? If nothing else but to picture this guy for an entire novel? - Roni

Patrick Stewart - Boyfriend of the Week by Leah Petersen

Today I have author (and original founder of #5MinuteFiction) Leah Petersen stopping by to nominate her Boyfriend of the Week. If you don't know Leah yet, you should stop by her blog and check out her fantastic posts. Also congratulate her on her debut, Fighting Gravity!

So over to you, Leah...

Leah's Boyfriend of the Week

So I've chosen someone a bit...unorthodox for my boyfriend. But, see, I fell in love with him years ago, when I was just a teenager, back when he was commanding the USS Enterprise in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I've never gotten over it. He's got that smart, stern, sweet, smoldering thing going on that just turns my insides all liquidy. And you have to admit, Patrick Stewart makes bald HOT.


_DSC9595-1 CU PS only

Photo by Beth Madison



Any other Patrick fans out there?


When Jacob Dawes is Selected for the Imperial Intellectual Complex as a child, he’s catapulted from the poverty-stricken slums of his birth into a world where his status as an unclass is something no one can forget, or forgive. His growing scientific renown draws the attention of the emperor, a young man Jacob’s own age, and they find themselves drawn to each other in an unlikely, and ill-advised relationship. Jacob may have won the emperor’s heart, but it’s no protection when he’s accused of treason. And fighting his own execution would mean betraying the man he loves.

BIO: Leah Petersen lives in North Carolina. She does the day-job, wife, and mother thing, much like everyone else. She prides herself on being able to hold a book with her feet so she can knit while reading. She’s still working on knitting while writing.

twitter: @LeahPetersen  

 Facebook: Leah Petersen, Author


Paul Wesley - Boyfriend of the Week

So I've given a lot of love to the smexy Ian Somerhalder and have even featured Matt Davis (Alaric) from The Vampire Diaires, but I've been remiss in not giving the other sexy vampire on the show some boyfriend time. So today I thought I'd give you a little Paul Wesley. 



Something about him reminds of old Hollywood--maybe the hair. 

So what do you think? Any Paul fans out there? Nina Dobrev must've been really good in a former life to get to play the girl between Paul and Ian on the show.

Vin Diesel - Boyfriend of the Week #atozchallenge

So I know that today is supposed to be "U" in the A to Z Challenge but my dear agent, Sara Megibow, requested Mr. Vin Diesel for a Boyfriend spot and who am I to deny her? I think she's getting tired of me picking all the pretty boys instead of the uber manly men, lol. So I'll do "U" tomorrow. (<--Ha, that sounds dirty.)  :)

Hope you enjoy this by request Boyfriend of the Week...



What do you think? Any Vin Diesel fans out there?

Orlando Bloom - Boyfriend of the Week #atozchalleng

I'm back from the RT Convention. It was a lot of fun, and I went to some super fabulous workshops. Plus, the food in Chicago is just ridiculous--some of the best food I've ever eaten--and I'm from New Orleans, so that's saying something. But I'm definitely exhausted and ready to get back to my normal routine, which in this case is madly revising my book so I can turn it in.

But also part of my routine...the Boyfriend of the Week. : ) And since I'm still doing the A to Z Challenge, I needed a boyfriend that started with an O. Luckily, Mr. Orlando Bloom was available. : )  Enjoy! 

Any Orlando fans out there?

Channing Tatum - Boyfriend of the Week #atozchallenge

Okay, before I get to the main "C" focus of this post, I have a quick other "C" to talk about. Today, I have a query and 10 page critique from me up for grabs at the Crits for Water charity campaign. This is a fabulous charity that provides clean water for those in the world who have trouble getting it. This is the second year I've participated and Kat Brauer does a terrific job getting fantastic prizes up for auction. So even if you don't want to bid on mine, there are other crits available as well.

And though I make no promises, I will say that the person who won my crit from last year ended up with a referral to my agent because I liked her pages so much. But even if a referral doesn't come out of it, you'll get a thorough, no holds barred crit from me. (I'm kind of a hardass on crits, but I deliver it with love, so don't be scared. ;)  )  Any romance subgenre or YA manuscript is eligible for the crit.

Alright, now on to today's main topic...smexiness.

For those of you who are regular followers of my blog, you already know what Tuesday is. : ) And don't worry, just because I'm doing the A to Z challenge this month doesn't mean I'm going to leave you mancandy-less. Because honestly, what a sad state of affairs that would be. :) So on Tuesdays, we're still having Boyfriend of the Week, but I'll make sure I find a boyfriend whose name works with the letter of the day.

And lucky, lucky us, today's theme is C so we get to enjoy Mr. Channing Tatum...

So are you as happy as I am that today's letter was "C"? :)

Boyfriend of the Week: Gabriel Aubry via The Karens

Today I have turned over Boyfriend of the week duties to authors Karen Booth and Karen Stivali. I love having guests for Boyfriend days because I get introduced to brand new mancandy. : ) And the Karens have not let us down today.

And of course, while perusing the offerings today, don't forget to check out the Karens new release Long-Distance Lovers from Ellora's Cave.

Now, over to the Karens...

I was worried that Karen Stivali and I would have an impossible time deciding on a boyfriend to share. In real life, we could never share a guy. Never. As it turns out, when judging a man purely on aesthetics, knowing that neither of us will ever get within fifty yards of him (no restraining orders yet, but don’t put it past us), we had no problem finding a stunner. Gabriel Aubry.  


And here's the blurb of their new release:

British musician Tim Wentworth trades his London flat for an apartment in NYC so he can record with a promising American band, but he arrives in Manhattan to learn the gig has been canceled. With no job and a two-month stay in the States, he wonders if the trip has been a waste of time, until he meets charming and talented jewelry designer Jenna Bradford. 

Unlike the groupies who throw themselves at Tim after shows, Jenna couldn’t be less impressed by his music credentials. Bad experiences have led her to have a strict “no musicians” policy. But when Tim rescues Jenna from an obnoxious drunk, she bends her rules and they embark on a sensuous courtship filled with steamy, passionate nights and intense, unexpected emotions. While they try to find a way to prolong their time together, a family tragedy forces Tim to return to England. Jenna and Tim must each decide how far they’re willing to go to see if their whirlwind romance can lead to a lifetime of love.


Karen Booth is a Midwestern girl transplanted in the South, raised on 80s music, Judy Blume, and the films of John Hughes. Her lifelong preoccupation with Rock ‘n’ Roll led her to spend her twenties working her way from intern to executive in the music industry. Much of her writing revolves around the world of backstage passes and band dynamics.

Karen Stivali is a prolific writer, compulsive baker and chocoholic with a penchant for books, movies and fictional British men. When she’s not writing, she can be found cooking extravagant meals and serving them to family and friends. Prior to deciding to write full time Karen worked as a hand drawn animator, a clinical therapist, and held various food-related jobs ranging from waitress to specialty cake maker. Planning elaborate parties and fundraisers takes up what’s left of her time and sanity.

Together, the Karens are critique partners and co-authors of the new Ellora’s Cave erotic romance, Long-Distance Lovers, out now. Further info at

So what do y'all think of Gabriel?

Boyfriend of the Week: Paul Walker via Author Tiffany Reisz

Today, I'm turning over Boyfriend of the Week duties to the lovely and talented Tiffany Reisz. She has a new novella out, Immersed in Pleasure. I read it this week and somehow she managed to write an erotic story about naked "mermaids" in a nightclub and maintaining virginity for a price that ended up being very sweet. She even worked in a quote for a Disney song, lol. Guess which one?

But seriously, I've read Tiffany's Seven-Day Loan and have had the privilege to read an early copy of her full-length debut, The Siren, which comes out this July. And all I can say is I'm never sure what journey Tiffany is going to take me on, but I'm always glad I went.

Now over to Tiffany...

Hello Friends and Fellow Perverts!

My name is Tiffany Reisz, and I’ll be your Man Candy Captain today as we fly the Sexy Skies. We’ll be cruising at an altitude of 69 feet. If you look to your left, you’ll see the Boyfriend of the Week, Paul Walker.

*plane veers wildly to the left*

I will admit that I didn’t know much about Paul Walker before I started writing my latest release, IMMERSED IN PLEASURE (Spice Briefs). One of my original beta readers was none other than Miranda Kenneally, an agent-mate of mine and a YA writer. She told me she pictured Paul Walker in the role of Derek Prince, my sexy hero who has found himself in love with a woman who has to remain a virgin to keep her job as a nightclub mermaid. Needing to add a few visual details to the story, I looked up Paul Walker and found this…

*pics no longer available but here's a yummy video*



For an excerpt from IMMERSED IN PLEASURE (mentally starring Paul Walker as Derek Prince), click here. To buy, click here. And for more Paul Walker deliciousness, click here.

Thank you for flying the Sexy Skies. This has been your Captain speaking. 


Tiffany Reisz is the author of SEVEN DAY LOAN and THE ORIGINAL SINNERS series, coming in July from Mira Books. She lives in Lexington, Kentucky where she is often found hitting on her boyfriend and behaving inappropriately online. Follow her at  


The Manhattan Mermaids: Believed to be the most beautiful women in the city, they entertain wealthy, powerful men in an exclusive club called Fathoms....and are all virgins. Derek Prince doesn't believe they really exist, until he meets the stunningly sensual Xenia. She drives him wild with desire, but giving in to temptation means losing her position at Fathoms. Derek is incredibly turned on by the thought of being Xenia's first...but will he be willing to wait for her?

So what do y'all think of Tiffany's choice for a leading man?

Boyfriend of the Week - Chris Pine

So yesterday I mentioned that I saw the movie This Means War and really enjoyed it because it made me laugh out loud. But what I didn't mention is that it also has two very delicious guys in it. Lucky, lucky Reese Witherspoon got to be in the middle, having the two fight over her. Of course, if she was in one of MY books, she could've just had both. :p

But anyway, I thought today I'd pick one of the members of the love triangle for Boyfriend of the Week. Hope you enjoy Mr. Chris Pine!



So what do you think? Any Chris Pine fans out there? Anyone else see the movie?

Boyfriend of the Week - Valentine's Edition

He doesn't even mind I'm a hopeless arm dancerHappy Valentine's Day, everyone! I'm not big on the Hallmark holidays. Personally, I think Valentine's Day just exists to make you feel lonely when you're single and to give restaurants an excuse to double their prices for the night. But that doesn't mean I'm not a romantic who can appreciate something that celebrates love. I am a romance author after all. ;)

And today, since it's Boyfriend of the Week, I thought I would share with you my own Boyfriend of the Week, er, Boyfriend of my Lifetime, rather. My dear hubs puts up with a lot from me. It takes a confident guy to be married to a woman who spends her days with sexy imaginary men for a living and who posts half-naked photos of guys on her blog and Tumblr for fun.

So, today, I say thank you to my smart and smexy hubs for being my very own romance hero. Twelve years has flown by in a blink.

And if you want to hear from Donnie on what it's like being the other half, he's been interviewed over at Dawn Alexander's blog where he answers such questions as how his male friends react when they find out what I write and how he really feels about Boyfriend of the Week.



Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day! 

So what do you love most about your own "boyfriend (or girlfriend) of the week"? And are you doing anything for Valentine's Day?

Boyfriend of the Week: Jude Law

It's that time of the week again. : ) For those of you who are coming over from Fiction Groupie for the first time, every Tuesday I feature a celebrity as the Boyfriend of the Week.

How about a bit of Jude Law for y'all today?


So what do y'all think? Any Jude fans out there? My only issue is I think he's a smoker. He'll have to quit for the week while we're dating. ;)

Boyfriend of the Week: Chris O'Donnell via Jenna McCormick

Today I'm welcoming Jenna McCormick to the blog. She was kind enough not just to stop by but to bring a smexy boyfriend of the week with her. Isn't she so generous?

Take it away, Jenna...

Boyfriend of the Week: Chris O'Donnell

Thanks so much to Roni for hosting me and my boyfriend of the week. Truthfully, he’s been my imaginary boyfriend for a lot more than a week, my fixation with Chris O’Donnell started back when he stared in one of my favorite books-turned-movies, Circle of Friends. I was more than happy to share him with George Clooney (who wouldn’t be!) when he played the boy wonder in Batman and Robin. But seeing him as the loveable vet on Gray’s Anatomy sealed his fate as the inspiration for Rhys, the hero from my debut futuristic erotic romance, No Limits. Honestly Meredith, what were you thinking!


 *pics no longer available, hope you enjoy the video instead* 

Rhys is an empath, a man that knows exactly the kind of pleasure his lover needs, how to draw it out and take her higher than she knew she could go. A self-sacrificing sort of guy, a good guy, who every now and then likes to be pushed around but his lover, just so he can have the pleasure of pushing back. 

Chris, thanks so much for the inspiration! Rower


No Limits: By Jenna McCormick

All Genevieve Luzon wants is to be loved by one man, a seemingly impossible task in New-New York City at the start of the twenty second century. Sure, she can buy sex as easily as order a pizza on a Friday night, but finding a forever kind of love among her self-centered peers is no easy feat for the unemployed off-world vacation coordinator. When an old friend offers her the position of secret shopper to test out the male prostitutes, Gen can’t think of a good reason to refuse. Hell, if she can’t find Mr. Right, she might as well try on a sampler of Mr. Right Nows.

Yet the perks of her new position don’t compare to the strange attraction she has, not for one of the prostitutes, but a candle that seems to warm places of her she never knew existed. When a man appears out of the flame, Gen is sure she's found the one. Rhys is an empath, made a slave by the Illustra Corporation and he’s everything Gen could ever want. Except available. Because Rhys is on a mission. One that might claim his life. He must try to free his people, consequences be damned. Now, Gen must choose between turning her back on the only man she’s ever loved and the monumental task he has set for himself. Should she risk her life fighting a war hidden from polite society against those who wish to control us all?

Is love really worth fighting for?

Thanks again to Jenna for stopping by! So what do y'all think? Any Chris fans out there?

Boyfriend of the Week: Johnny Depp



BLOG TOUR ALERT: I'm over at Brewing Up Passion talking about My Version of the Perfect Romantic Evening. Hope you'll stop by and say hi! 


It's that time of the week again. :) After watching the Golden Globes, where the mancandy quotient was high indeed, I was reminded that I have yet to feature Johnny Depp as a boyfriend of the week. Clearly, I am failing you as a mancandy purveyor.

So without further ado, here is the lovely, talented, and always-in-need-of-a-hair-washing, Mr. Depp. Hope you enjoy!



So what do y'all think? Any Depp fans out there?

Boyfriend of the Week: Daniel Craig

So this weekend I saw The Girl With the Dragon Tatttoo. Fabulous movie. Best I've seen in a long time. And, of course, I knew while watching it that my next Boyfriend of the Week would have to be Daniel Craig. 

But first...

 BLOG TOUR ALERT: Today I'm over at Ramblings From This Chick talking about How My Road To Publication Started with New Kids on the Block. Would love for y'all to stop by! 


Okay, now on to the mancandy! Hope you enjoy....

And the trailer for the movie...


So what do y'all think? Anyone else see the movie yet?