She knows what she wants. Him. Don't be afraid to try something a little different and see how sexy it can be when a woman who knows how to take charge brings those alpha men to their knees.

In BREAK ME DOWN, Samantha knows she wants Gibson but Gibson is struggling to admit what he really craves from Sam. But when they're locked up in a secluded, broken down cabin for a week, who knows what could happen? Click the cover to learn more.

Also, there are a number of short stories in the back of the PRINT editions of my books. Many have featured female dominants:

  • "So Into You" with Bret and Malone in the back of NOT UNTIL YOU.
  • "I Surrender" with Christina and Hawk in the back of NOTHING BETWEEN US
  • "House Call" with Dr. Theo and Maggie in the back of CALL ON ME