Who better to fall in love with than your best friend? This is a favorite theme of mine--both to write and read. If you're looking for a friends-to-lovers story, check out some of these.

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Andre and Jace in MELT INTO YOU have been best friends and roommates for a long time. They share everything, including women, but Andre has a secret he hasn't told Jace about.

Hunter and Devon in YOURS ALL ALONG are best friends and college roommates, but what happens when those lines start to blur?

Hayes and Ren in LOVING YOU EASY have been best friends since high school. But when Cora comes into their life, the lines between the men blur and long hidden feelings surface.

Burke and Gretchen in BLURRING THE LINES have always been friends and have bonded in grief over the loss of someone important to them. But when Burke sweeps Gretchen away to a private island to try to cheer her up, things take a decidedly sexy turn.

In my short story "Two in the Morning" in the FIFTY FIRST TIMES anthology, two male friends cross lines they swore they never would.