He knows his way away the boardroom and the bedroom. If you're looking for a hero in a suit, look no further.

What kind of guy in a suit?

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  • Reid in CRASH INTO YOU - Lawyer, dominant, tortured heart 
  • Foster in NOT UNTIL YOU - CEO, dominant, grieving his past
  • Wyatt in CAUGHT UP IN YOU - Financial executive, dominant, the quiet genius
  • Kade in NEED YOU TONIGHT - Restaurant mogul, dominant, sexual sadist, former geek turned hot
  • Gibson in BREAK ME DOWN - PR Executive, dominant in life but secretly submissive and masochistic behind closed doors
  • Donovan in OFF THE CLOCK - Doctor/Sex Therapist, intimidating, smart, has a kink for rough role play
  • Ren and Hayes in LOVING YOU EASY - These two use the term "suit" a little loosely, but both are businessmen heading up a tech company and have no problem wielding their authority. 
  • Lane in BY THE HOUR - therapeutic sex surrogate, bossy with a sweet side, has a kink for hate sex