This is seriously one of my favorite kinds of story to write. I'm fascinated by the concept of what if you found the right one at the wrong time in your past? I also love playing with timelines, and reunion stories give me a chance to dig into that. If you're looking for a story of reunited lovers, check some of these out.

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Reid and Brynn and CRASH INTO YOU had an explosive summer affair in college, but outside things tore them apart, leaving destruction in their wake. Now, ten years later, Reid and Brynn are forced to work together.

Evangeline and Jace in MELT INTO YOU weren't supposed to like each other when they were teens--not that way--because Evan was technically his foster sister. But twelve years later when Evan runs into Jace and his best friend Andre, all bets are off.

Kade and Tessa in NEED YOU TONIGHT had a secret relationship in high school. He was the outcast. She was Ms. Popularity. They couldn't tell anyone and those secrets yanked them apart. Now years later, Tessa is divorced and Kade is looking for a redo.

Hunter and Devon in YOURS ALL ALONG were roommates in college. Devon was gay. Hunter was straight. Or so Hunter thought. When a deep friendship blurs into something more, things are too complicated to keep it going. But now, years later, Hunter is engaged and fighting cold feet. Will a trip to see Devon after four long years help him figure things out?

Donovan and Marin in OFF THE CLOCK had a brief but intense night in college, then Marin disappeared. Now, years later, Marin has a new job and a new mentor--none other than Dr. Donovan West.

Finn and Liv were secret high school sweethearts until tragedy tore their lives and their relationship apart. The whole series of THE ONES WHO GOT AWAY is about reunions -- of friends, of enemies, and of love.