Rockstar heroes are near and dear to me since I love music and have a bit of a concert addiction. Bold, cocky, and brash, it's hard to beat the rockstar hero. I mean, who can resist a man who knows his way around his instrument? If you're in need of a musician hero, try one of these...

In NOTHING BETWEEN US, you can get a double dose of boys with guitars. Colby and Keats prefer country to rock, but that doesn't mean they're any less sexy when they get on stage and sing to their girl (or each other!). Find out more about these two and read an excerpt.

Pike in CALL ON ME is the drummer of the rock band Darkfall. They don't get cockier (or more secretly soft-hearted) than this guy. See what happens when the sexy drummer meets his match in Oakley, a single mom. Find out more and read chapter one.

Lex Logan in WANDERLUST was the very first rockstar I wrote (even though his book is just now coming out!) and he always holds a special place in my book hero heart. He's sexy and cocky and sarcastic. I hope that he'll make you blush, make you laugh, and make you want to do deliciously bad things with him. ;) But he meets his nemesis and match in the uptight but determined reporter Aubrey Bordelon. Find out what happens and read chapter one.