Netflix: A Scary Accurate Look Inside My Brain

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For those of you who have followed me for a while on my writing blog (that tab up there that says "For Writers"), you probably know that I didn't start out writing erotic romance. The first book I wrote when I got back into writing was *gasp* a young adult.

I know. I've made quite a jump. And for the record one of my beta readers on that YA did say...this is uh, pretty sexy for YA. Lol. It really wasn't--compared to what I've read in other YA books. But she did get me to thinking. So the next book I wrote was a sexy (though not erotic) adult romance about a rockstar. Really, I just wanted to write about a rockstar. Yum.

Then when I realized I liked writing the steamier stuff, the next idea that came to me begged to be an erotic romance. So I wrote CRASH INTO YOU.

And I love writing erotic romance, so I plan to continue to do that. But my crazy subconscious constantly nudges my brain with ideas that (though always romantic) would crossover into other genres. Like the thought of a romantic horror makes many go WTF, but I'm like--ooh, romantic horror. That sounds fun.

So when I went on my Netflix this morning and looked at the categories it suggests for me based on my tastes, I had to laugh. This is such a good example of why I can't seem to keep my toes dipped in only one pool.

Netflix's Recommendations For Me:

  • Romantic First-Love Comedies
  • Goofy TV Shows from the 1980s
  • Coming of Age Dramas Based on Contemporary Literature
  • Scary Suspenseful College Movies
  • Cult Serial Killer Horror Movies
  • Dark Mysteries About Marriage
  • Inspiring High School Inspirational & Social Documentaries
  • Raunchy Dysfunctional Family TV Comedies
  • Sentimental Sports Movies Based on Real Life
  • Critically Acclaimed Suspenseful Psychological Movies
  • Steamy Dramas
  • Controversial Biographical Fight the System Movies


*contemplates* So I'm a hopeless romantic and a tree-hugging liberal who likes to laugh at dysfuctional families and who enjoys seeing people run from deranged killers while occasionally taking in a football game. Yeah, this explains so much. 

Say a prayer for my husband (and agent). ;)

So if you have Netflix, what does yours recommend for you? Do you have trouble sticking to one genre for writing? Do you try to stay in a single genre or do you just follow your story ideas?