Announcement: Won't Be Attending the Book Signing This Weekend

Hey y'all. I just wanted to make a quick announcement. Due to the hurricane heading toward the east coast, I will not be able to attend the book signing with Nora Roberts at Turn the Page bookstore. I am so bummed because I was so looking forward to it and was even bringing my mom for a girls' trip, but I would be flying through the hurricane zone, and I can't risk getting stuck out there as I have to be back by Sunday to take care of kidlet. However, I will be working with the bookstore to try to reschedule for a signing in 2019. I'm so sorry if you were planning on stopping by to say hi this weekend. The book signing is still happening and they have some super fantastic authors signing, so if you were going to go, still check it out. 

And for those of you in the hurricane zone, I'm sending you good thoughts and well wishes. I'm from New Orleans so I know the anxiety an oncoming storm brings. *hugs* Stay safe.