Where Would You Move If You Could?

Newsflash: It's hot in Dallas. Effing hot. Like over 100 degrees much of the time (starting and early June this year), humid, and without the relief of rain. The only rain we seem to get comes in the way of thunderstorms, complete with kitten-sized hail and tornado threats. I am not a fan.

There is so much to love about Texas and the South in general, but the weather is not one of them. I grew up in New Orleans where I was no stranger to heat and humidity, but we at least got rain most summer afternoons to cool things off a little. Here it just stays hot. There is something wrong with it still being 92 degrees at 3am. Just saying.

So today, to escape from this oppressive heat, I'm imagining all the places I'd want to move if I could just pile my family in a moving fan and hit the road.


Here are my top three in no particular order:


Oregon - It's green and on the coast and lovely and damp.




Washington State - You have mountains, the ocean, fresh seafood, and the nice big city of Seattle to get your culture fix.


Seattle skyline

Photo by David Herrera 

And it rains...a lot. I love the rain. I know many complain about it. But rain to me is soul-cleansing. It relaxes me and makes me want to curl up with a book and just enjoy the pitter patter of it. 



Colorado - A place that actually has seasons! As opposed to here in Dallas where our seasons consists of Summer, Pits of Hell Hot, Summer, Freakish Winter with lots of ice storms and thundersleet (yes it's a word), 3 weeks of Spring where we hide in closets for much of the time listening to tornado sirens, Summer again.


Photo via Wikipedia Commons

Ah, don't those pictures look lovely? *closes eyes and tries to imagine I can't sear a steak on the sidewalk outside right now*

So where would you move if you could just pick up and go and the magical moving faires would take care of the rest? What's your favorite place you've ever lived (mine's Austin, TX) or visited?