What to Read If You've Never Read...Menage Romance

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One of the beautiful things about the genre of erotic romance is that there are SO many subgenres of the subgenre. I can't think of any other genre where one author can stretch and cross genre lines so easily. Space opera erotic romance? Contemporary? Suspense? Paranormal? M/M? It's all out there. So one of the features I'm doing here on the blog is providing suggestions for "gateway" books to try if you've never read something in that subgenre. (If you missed the What To Read Post for BDSM, you can find it here.)

This week I'm tackling one of the most popular themes across all divisions of the genre: Menage/Threesome (or more) romance. This is one of my favorite kind of stories to read and write. (2015 Update: I know have two m/m/f menage romances available, MELT INTO YOU and NOTHING BETWEEN US,  and one coming in 2016, LOVING YOU EASY. 

If you're a traditional romance reader, you may balk at the idea of this. How could you have more than one hero? That's breaking all the romance rules--the heroine is not supposed to even THINK about another guy once she meets the hero. But don't run yet.

These stories are not just sexual exploration stories, they ARE romances. So there are emotions and deep ties and a true, passionate relationship between all three characters. And imagine how much conflict can come up in a situation where a relaitionship has to be negotiated between a heroine and two (usually very alpha) males. And sometimes these stories end up in a HEA (happily ever after) for all three. Sometimes just for two of them.

And really, can you really resist the ideas of two gorgeous men lavishing all their attention on one woman they love? (Or for you straight guys reading this--reverse the genders.)

So if you're curious about this kind of story, where should you start? Here are a few recommendations:

Lauren Dane's LAID BARE

Shayla Black's DECADENT 

And if you're old hat at this genre and are open to something even more risque. You can try Four Play . The two novellas in the book focus on--you guessed it--foursomes. 

So do you read menage romance? If not, are you tempted? Why or why not? What's your favorite menage story? And for fun, in fantasy land which two men (or women) would you not kick out of bed if they wanted to share?