What's On Your Christmas List?

First, before we get to today's topic, I wanted to let you know that I'm over at author Kieran Kramer's blog today giving you 5 Behind The Scenes Facts about FALL INTO YOU and a chance to win a copy of CRASH INTO YOU and a signed copy of Kieran's IF YOU GIVE A GIRL A VISCOUNT. I'd love it if y'all stopped by and commented.

Hope everyone (well, at least those of you in the U.S. who celebrate it) had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. We went out of town so it was pretty low key. This also meant that I didn't do any Black Friday shopping. So now I'm facing Christmas in a month with no presents bought yet. Ack.

However, as I'm going through Cyber Monday deals today, I'm, of course, not only making lists for those I need to buy for, but I'm making my own wish list. Now, this doesn't mean I'll actually get these things. Considering hubs and I don't exchange presents and much of our family has the "only buy for the kids" agreement, the chances of me actually getting gifts are relatively slim. BUT that doesn't mean I'm not adding things to my list. :)

 So here's what I want Santa to bring me this year:


1. Kindle Paperwhite

Okay, so yes, I have a Kindle Fire and really enjoy it. BUT it's more of a multi-purpose device and not simply a dedicated e-reader. I have had a good experience reading on the Fire and love seeing all those book covers in gorgeous color BUT I do get tired of the glare on the screen and reading a computer-type screen for extended periods after being on a computer all day writing. Plus, it's a little heavy to hold after a while. I miss my E-ink in these instances. And this one fixes the problem of my previous e-ink, which was that I couldn't read it in the dark. (Plus, like books, I'm starting to think one can't have too many reading devices.) :)


Image via Barnes and Noble

2. These fancy schmancy editions of classics that Barnes and Noble has on sale today.

As much as I love an e-reader, I also love having pretty books on my shelves and these are gorgeous. I'm tempted by the Complete Works of Shakespeare (even though I have a beat up hardback of that from college), the Edgar Allen Poe collection, and the Stephen King one.


3. For FALL INTO YOU to hit the USA Today or NYT Bestsellers' list.

Hey, a girl can dream, right? Can't Santa make any request come true? ;) If you'd like to be Santa's helper by pre-ordering FALL INTO YOU, I promise that one New Year's Day you'll be graced with a sexy, dominant cowboy, a sharp-tongued heroine, and a LOT of steamy, smexy times. Fair trade, right?


All right, so that's my short list. What's on your Christmas list this year?