The Fearless Romantics - Join the Roni Loren Street Team!



The Fearless Romantics Roni Loren Street Team is officially open to membership!!! Spread the word about my books, get exclusive perks, and meet other readers!

What the heck is a street team? Here’s the deal. A street team means that you love my books (thank you!) and want to spread the word about my books on your social media and to your friends. This is not going to be a high pressure group, but don't join if you're not comfortable with doing that kind of thing. You can continue to hang out here, on FB, or Twitter and still get updates from me. 

But if you're excited to spread the word about my books, then you can join the team and get these awesome perks: 

*Exclusive sneak peeks into new books before anyone else sees them

*Behind the scenes intel on what I'm writing and what’s coming up

*Hang out with yours truly online, including occasional group chats and Q&A sessions.

*Exclusive Giveaways


*Welcome Packet (still working on what that will have)

*A special badge to put on your website if you want to display your street team status

*Opportunities for Advanced Reading Copies (limited amounts, awarded contest style unless you’re an established book blogger/reviewer)

*My undying appreciation

Want more info or want to join? Awesome. First be sure to read through the Group Description on the Fearless Romantics FB Page to get an idea what street members do to spread the word and for the rules of the group. Street teams have gotten a bad rep here and there, and I didn't want my group to be one of those. I have clear rules so that this is a genuine, fun, no-pressure group.

Here's how to become a Fearless Romantic: 

Step one: Request to join on the FB group page here.

Step two: Fill out this short online form.


That’s it! Look forward to seeing some of y'all there! : )