Craving a Scare-the-Hell-Out-of-You Movie for Halloween?

Okay, so I know  I don't usually post on Mondays. But since it's Halloween and I watched a seriously scary movie last night, I felt compelled to pass along the recommendation.

Now, first of all, I love a scary movie, but lately it seems like most horror focuses on special effects and gratuitous gore. I'm not so much for the gore. I find movies that leave a lot unseen tend to build more tension and fear. And this movie, The Strangers, had tension-building down to a freaking science. I watched most of the film between my fingers.



Hubs makes fun of me for covering my eyes.

Him: "I thought you liked scary movies."

Me: "I do. This is part of the process."

Him: "Not seeing half of it is part of the process?"

Me: "Definitely."

But honestly, if I'm peeking through my fingers and curled up in a tense ball on the couch, this means it's an effective horror movie. And The Strangers was highly effective. 

The scariest part of this movie is that this could totally happen (apparently it's based on true events--eek). And the reason why the bad guys/gals are after these people is probably the most chilling of all--"because you were home."  

So, if you want a scary movie to watch tonight, try this one out. I suggest you don't watch it alone in a dark house in the woods. Just sayin'.

Here's the trailer: 

Has anyone else seen The Strangers? What did you think? What movies scare you the most--the could-happen-in-real-life or that paranormal/monster type horror? And am I the only one tired of the gore subsitituting for true tension?