Characters in the Belfry and (Not so)WIP Wednesday



I don't have much to report for WIP Wednesday since I wrapped up the synopsis and such last week. However, now I have a different problem. I haven't started the next WIP yet, and it's driving me bonkers. There are so many ideas and characters whirling around my head, but none have come together enough for me to latch on to it. Each time, I'm like "oh, that's a good one!", I try to think it out further and then hit mental block on how to make it a fully realized story. Grr.
I want to make sure that whatever I start is "high concept" (more on this term tomorrow). Something that with a one sentence log line, people say--ooh, I want to read that. And as of yet, that concept hasn't come to me.
And the bad thing about not having a true work in progress is that I feel totally restless and without focus. My husband keeps asking me why I'm so quiet lately. It's because I can't stop turning over ideas and characters in my head. Any moment of the day I can snatch to think through them, I do. This includes at night before I fall asleep, which means I'm tossing and turning until at least midnight lately. *sigh* I'm super fun to be around right now, let me tell you. ;)
On a good note, I am one follower away from 100 followers! Thanks you guys! Who is going to cheer me up and be number one hundred? *hint hint to any new readers out there*
So am I the only one who gets so frazzled and grumpy when not actively working on a manuscript? How do you decide which idea is "the one"? How is your WIP going?
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