What Role Does Writing Play in Your Life?

Yesterday I was catching up on my Tivo-ed Oprahs (yes, I live an exciting life) and I caught the interview with Stephanie Meyer. Oprah asked her what made her start writing Twilight. Stephanie said that she had three kids who were difficult babies--none of them slept through the night until past two--and that she had gotten burnt out and gone into zombie mom mode. So when she had her now famous dream, she decided to write it down. And writing became her way back to herself to discover the person she was and not just the mom/wife/etc.

The interview goes on and I've included the first part below, but I have to say the interview really struck home for me. This could be because my two year old has gone back to not sleeping through the night and has always been a bad sleeper, so I'm feeling a little burnt out myself.

But I realized that writing provides me the same thing that it did Stephanie Meyer--a connection with the person I am underneath all the roles I have. To remind me that I am more than the diaper changer, cook, wife, etc. And honestly, if I didn't have that outlet, I probably would have escaped back to work by now because even though I adore being home with my son, without any other mental challenge, I would have climbed the walls by now.

So that's what writing has done for me. Me and Stephanie Meyer aren't so different. (Well except for that whole writing a novel that captured millions and being filthy rich and famous thing, but I'm working on it.)

So what does writing do for you? What made you start typing or writing on that blank page? How would your life be different if you didn't have writing in your life?

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