My Kissing Scene--A Day Late


Alright, so yesterday was Kissing Day Blogfest, which I participated in by posting my favorite TV kisses.  I chose not to put something from my romance because I've entered it in a few contests that require that it not be published online.  However, idiot that I am, I forgot that I could post one from my YA since it is now buried under my bed and will no longer be submitted anywhere.  I am going to resist editing this excerpt, although, I'm itching too.  So without further ado , here's my contribution...


Setup:  Willow, my MC, has just found out that she has a supernatural talent (aura reading) and that the boy she's interested in also has some special gift.  They each want to find out what the other has.  They are sitting on the couch at her house.


“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” Pierce said. 
            “What?” I asked, my mind plummeting into the gutter. 
            He laughed.  “I don’t mean it that way.  Although, now that I think about it…”  He waggled his eyebrows.
            I smacked him with a throw pillow.
            “Hey!” he said, raising an arm to fend off my attack.  “I meant, I’ll show you my talent, if you show me yours.  I know you must have one.”
            “You first,” I insisted
            He groaned.  “Okay, fine.  But I need you to promise to be quiet during my demonstration.” He pulled his face into feigned sternness.
            “Promise,” I said, crossing my heart with my finger. 
My mind raced with the possibilities, thinking of all the weird questions from the test.  What skill did he have?  I hoped he wasn’t going to channel the dead or something.  That would be a little too much for me.  I didn’t care how cute he was.  If he started talking like my Grandma Betty, I was bailing.
             The couch cushion dipped as he scooted closer and tucked a leg underneath him.  I met his eyes, expecting to find the normal glint of mischief in them, but a stormy seriousness resided there instead.  He reached up and cupped my face with cool hands.  My body stilled underneath his touch, afraid to even take a breath.  What the heck was he doing?
He leaned in until his mouth was mere inches from mine.  I tried to drag my gaze away from his, but his eyes were drowning pools pulling me further in.  What had we been talking about again?  I no longer cared what his talent was.  I wanted his lips on mine.  I wanted him to lay me down on the couch and kiss me so hard I developed a lisp.  He moved in even further, stroking my cheeks with his thumbs, sending tingles racing from my head to my toes.  Warm breath caressed my face.  My fingers flexed, yearning to reach out for his solid chest, to pull him to me, to know what he felt like, but I was scared to move.  I closed my eyes, relishing the body heat wafting off him, preparing for the taste of his kiss. 
Then, all the warmth disappeared.  The couch shifted, and his hands dropped from my face.  A sense of loss rushed through me.  I blinked my eyes open to find him grinning broadly. 
“What the hell are you doing?” I demanded. 
His smile turned downright wicked.  “That was better than I could have imagined."
“What was?”
“You so want me,” he said.  “You would let me throw you down on the couch and put my hands all over you.  That’s pretty hot.” 
Oh. My. God.  I needed a hole to open up in the floor, so it could swallow me.  All the blood in my body rushed to my cheeks.  My fists clenched.  “What the hell did you just do?”
“I’m an empath.  I have the ability to sense feelings, especially strong ones like lust.  Something that you clearly have a lot of.”  He stuck his thumb to his chest.  “For me.”
 “Ugh!  You, you--"
"You knew that would happen!  You set me up.”  My voice sounded shrill even to my own ears.  
He held up a finger.  “Correction--I didn’t know that would happen.  I can only read you when I’m touching you.  So, I had no clue what I would get until I tried.  You could’ve been repulsed by me, for all I knew.  I was hoping for a positive reaction, but I didn’t realize I was going to get that kind of reaction.  Although, I understand, I am awesome and all.”
I ran my hands over my face.  “God, stop teasing me.  I’m mortified enough.”
“Don’t be,” he said, leaning back and draping his arm across the back of the couch.  “So you want me.  No biggie.  I get that a lot.”
I smacked him with the pillow again, which sent him into a fit of laughter.  
“You're such as ass.  This isn't fair, you have all the advantage.  You know exactly how I feel, and I have no clue what's going on in that evil brain of yours.”
He gave a solemn nod.  “Yeah, that must suck for you.”
I attempted to hit him a third time, but he caught my arm mid-swing.  Before I could pull away, he brought it to his mouth and placed a soft kiss on the inside of my wrist.  He lifted his gaze to meet mine.  “I told you I’m not that subtle, so I’m sure you have some idea what I’m feeling.”
His lips left a seared patch of skin in their wake, and my insides turned all fluttery.  My body was such a trader.
“You’re still a jerk ,” I muttered, then yanked my hand out of his grasp before my feelings could reveal that I didn’t really mean my words.

Alright, there's my late contribution to kissing day.  Hope you enjoyed.  Now the novel goes back with the dust bunnies.  :)



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