Super Comments Award

Rachel over at Book Wars (a great book review site--go check her out!) was kind enough to nominate me for the Super Comments Award. I haven't heard of this one before, but it's pretty cool. So thanks!

There doesn't seem to be any rules except to nominate 5 others (I have 6). Since it is a comment award, I went through my last few posts and selected the people who can always be counted on to leave me a comment. These ladies are very busy with their own blogs, so I appreciate the fact that they take time out to comment on mine.

So without further ado, I nominate...

1. Stephanie Faris at Steph in the City
2. Susan at Lazy Writer
3. Tess at Tess Hilmo
4. Strange Fiction at Ranch Girl Ramblings
5. Anna at Anna C. Morrison
6. Jody Hellund at On the Path

Ladies, do not feel obligated to repost this, but do so if you like. :) This is more a thank you than anything else.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I will be beating my head against my laptop, cursing the creator of the synopsis trying to whittle down an eight page synopsis to 2-3 pages.