The Big Thirty


Yesterday I hit one of those decade milestones, I said goodbye to my twenties and hello to my thirties. I have to admit I did have a brief freak out moment--like wait, when did this happen? But then I decided I need to be thankful for what the twenties gave me to and excited about what the thirties might hold.

In my twenties I...
  • Completed a Masters degree

  • Met and married the love of my life

  • Experienced the joy of motherhood
  • Lost someone close to me and learned that I need to appreciate every day I have with the people I love
  • Lived in four different cities, bought four houses, sold three, and moved six times (whew!)
  • Worked in two different careers
  • Saw my beloved LSU Tigers win two national football championships
  • Rediscovered my passion for writing and completed two novels.
So looking back, although there were some sad moments, the twenties were very good to me. I hope that the thirties are just as good if not better. Maybe as the next decade clicks over to 40, I'll be able to look back and see the launch of my writing and publishing career. Let's hope so.
Alright so in honor of my birthday, I'm giving you guys a few gifts. Well, not really. They're free, but it's the thought that counts, right? Here are some freebies I found on the web.
17, yes 17!, free ebooks from Harlequin---no strings attached. (You can get PDF if you don't have an Ereader) There's everything from straight up romance to suspense to paranormal. Plus, an extra from their new Harlequin Teen line.
Writing classes online by author Candace Havens. She offers great information and it's all completely free. (Of course, you are nice writers so make sure if you sign up you also buy one of her books in appreciation--she writes paranormal romance.)
Now, if you're now feeling guilt that you didn't get me anything for my big day, you have the opportunity to give me the best gift of all--a comment or a follow. And if you're someone who reads this but never says hi, now is a great time to de-lurk--a happy birthday is the easiest comment of all. :)
Alright, now for my daily questions: What are your goals for your next decade? What decade has been your favorite so far? Or, what have you accomplished in the last ten years that you never thought you would do?
**Today's Theme Song**
"100 Years" - Five For Fighting
(player in sidebar--go ahead, take a listen, this song always gets to me)