Question of the Day: How Do You Decide What to Read?



How do you decide what to read?  

Are you a bookstore browser?  A sucker for a good cover?  A discerning person who only reads what has been recommended to them by a trusted friend?  Do you read book review blogs?  Do those author blog tours work for you?  Can you not resist the "recommended for you" section on Amazon?


For me, I definitely love a good cover and love spending time in a bookstore, but lately, more often than not, I  pick books on recommendations from book bloggers who I know have similar tastes to mine.  I also check out Amazon's recs for me.

So what's your answer?  Let me know.

**This week I'm am on a cruise, so I apologize for the short posts and the lack of responses to comments.  I look forward to reading all of your answers when I return!**