Question of the Day: Genre Respect



Why do you think some genres are championed while others are considered "guilty pleasure" or "junk food" reading?

Do you think genre fiction (romance, mystery, suspense, etc.) is easier to write than literary fiction?  If something's "commercial", is that a bad thing?  When people ask you what you read, do you tell them or do you pick the most high brow book you've read lately and tell them that one?  And if you're a literary fiction reader, what is your opinion on genre fiction?  What books or type of books would you never admit to reading?  (I apparently have no shame when it comes to this since I have reviewed some verra hawt books over here.  And yes, my mother does read my blog.  *waves* Hi Mom!)

**This week I'm am on a cruise, so I apologize for the short posts and the lack of responses to comments.  I look forward to reading all of your answers when I return!**