The Call & Whaddya Want To Know?


So a few of you asked last week for me to give more details on THE CALL. So I'm going to do that, but I am also going to let this be an open thread--meaning, if you have specific questions for me about anything, ask them in the comments and I'll answer them on Wednesday. :)


So, the call...

Sara had told me to expect to start hearing back from editors somewhere between 3-5 weeks after submission and for me to be prepared because the first ones to come back would be the rejections. So we went out on submission on my birthday (which I hoped was good luck) and I prepared to settle in for the nail-biting wait.

Well, two weeks later, Sara tweeted something to the effect of "Okay world, we're going to get at least one offer for one client this week, go!"  And I tweeted back: "And btw, Universe, if that author could be me, that'd be great, k thanks."

No lie. Ten minutes later Sara got the call from Kate at Berkley. (So maybe there is something to that whole putting positive thoughts out into the universe--thanks Oprah.) As soon as she was done with the call, she called me and gave me the good news. We had an offer before we received any rejections!

I was over the moon excited because not only was it an offer, but it was from Berkley and from a great editor. So she gave me the details, then let me know that she'd contact the other editors who had it to give them a chance to finish reading it in case someone else wanted to offer as well. I also had a conference call with Sara and Kate to discuss what Kate's vision for the book was, why Penguin rocks and why I should go with them, and basically just getting to know each other.

After all that, I decided I really wanted to pursue the deal with Berkley. I love the Berkley Heat line and Kate was very nice and had a vision that jived with mine. So the next step was contract negotiations. And here is the lesson I learned here--I am SO HAPPY I have a fabulous agent. Not that I wasn't happy about that in the first place, but I confirmed that I am not cut out for the business aspect of the dealings. I'm too emotionally attached to the book. So Sara handled it and kept me updated while I paced the floors for a few days.

After that step, which took a few days, I was able to formally accept! :)  And here we are.

So, what questions do you have for me? Doesn't have to be specifically about the call, this is an open thread. So whatever you want to ask (within reason), I'll try to answer in a post on Wednesday. Everyone have a great day!


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