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So we all have heard that writers, including unpublished, should build some type of online presence.  My guess is  that many of you started your blog for that very reason.  I know that's what first got me here.  Although, I ended up falling in love with blogging and meeting so many awesome people that now that's really low on the list of why I blog.  But now I'm starting to wonder when is the right time to have an actual website.


This week I checked out the competition googled some of the people that finaled in that contest with me because I was nosey curious.  (Stop giving me those judging looks, you know you'd do the same thing.  And if you're in the competition with me and you're reading this, that means you ARE doing the same thing.  *waves*)  So anyway, some of the writers didn't have a web presence at all, others had their own multi-page site.

This wasn't huge news that unpublished people have their own website complete with their name in the domain.  I have a few blogging friends that already have them as well.  But it led me to the questions:

a) when is it a good idea to get one of those?  
b) what are the advantages of doing that now vs. after published
c) is it worth the few bucks a year to have one? 
d) what the heck do you put on there if you're not selling books yet?

I don't know the answers, so I'm hoping you guys can help me out with some of those.


I have considered switching my domain over here to my name so that it's my site and not fiction groupie, but I'm afraid of how many people I would lose in the transfer.  So for now, I have reserved my name on blogspot (that's where my TMI page lives) and I'll wait.

But I haven't ruled out creating a personal website that links to my blog.  I'm just not sure if it really helps anything besides making me look a bit more professional.

So what are your thoughts?  Do you think unpublished writers should wait until they're published to worry about the complete website?  Or do you believe their are advantages to starting now?

*Side Note: Courtney Reese is doing a Love at First Sight blogfest on Sunday in honor of Valentine's Day.  If you want to join (which would mean you post a love at first sight scene on your blog that day) click on the above link and sign up.  I need to look through my stories to see if I have something to contribute, but even if I don't join, I'll definitely be reading others entries.  These blogfests are loads of fun.  Have a lovely Valentine's Day!**

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