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So Simon over at Constant Revision is hosting a PG Love Scene blogfest today.  The challenge requires you to post a love scene that is PG, but where you know that loving is a-happening, lol.  And no fade to black allowed.  I'm not sure this fits the bill.  I had to dig up something from my buried YA (Shadow Falls) because my romances are decidedly not PG.  Even this one is probably a bit much for truly PG, but I figured I'd post it anyway.  I'm trying not to obsess that this is not my best work, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.  And be sure to stop by the other blogs that are participating.



Pierce kissed me back, cuppingmy face as if he were afraid I would disappear if he let go.  My muscles turned liquid, and I reclinedagainst the doorjamb to prevent from sinking into a puddle on the floor.  We had kissed before, but there was a newcurrent of connection flowing between us now. My palms flattened against his t-shirt, and he slipped his hands into myhair, tilting my head back to gain access to my neck.  With a pace that belied the frantic thumpingof his heartbeat beneath my fingertips, he trailed kisses down the arch of mythroat to my collarbone. 
Electric desire sparkedalong my nerve endings, and a little sigh of pleasure snuck past my lips.  Apparently taking it as encouragement, he traceda path up the other side, ending back on my mouth.  Without letting myself think toomuch, I moved my hands under his shirt and ran my fingers across his feverishskin. 
He put his hand on topof mine. 
“Willow,” he whispered,his voice ragged.  “We should slow down.”
            Wasn’tthat supposed to be my line?  Exceptthat’s not what I wanted to say.  Iglanced at my bed.   “Do you want to stay?”
            Hepressed his forehead against mine and ran a hand down the back of my hair.  “If you’re worried about being alone, I don’tmind staying.  Buford and I can keepwatch out front.” 
            Idrew away and shook my head. “No, I want you to stay…with me.” 
I swallowed hard,bracing for his reaction.  Even I couldn’tbelieve what I was suggesting. Two months ago, I had exactly two kissingexperiences and one awkward groping session to my name.  Now I was inviting a guy to spend thenight.  Things had changed fast.
            “Will.”  His expression darkened and he raked hisfingers through his hair.  “I didn’t saywhat I said to try to get a sleepover invitation.”
            “Shh,”I said, putting my finger over his lips. “I know that.  And I’m making any promises.  I just know I’m not ready to stop yet.”
Epileptic butterflies tookup residence in my belly, so before I could lose my nerve, I grabbed his hand and ledhim inside my room.  I sat on the edge ofmy bed, tucking my knees beneath me, but he remained standing, his posturerigid.  “You’re not making it easy for meto walk away and do the right thing, you know.”
I smiled.  “So don’t.” 
He didn’t move.  Didn’t walk out.  I took a deep breath, not sure what to donext.  It’s not like Seventeen magazine gave instructions on things like this, and momdidn’t have enough money to subscribe to HBO.  I was going to have to wing it.  I reached out, trying to keep my hands fromshaking, and grabbed the bottom of his shirt. He helped me pull it over his head. His chest was smooth and hard as I traced my fingers up from his stomachto his shoulders. 
His body shuddered, buthis eyes never broke contact with mine. “Will, I don’t want to do anything because you’re drunk.”
I laughed.  “I had one glass of champagne.  I’m as sober as Dr. Drew.  But if you really don’t want to do anything,that’s al—”
Before I could finish,he bent down and covered my mouth with his, erasing any doubt he wasn’t awilling participant.  As we kissed, Iscooted backward, allowing space for him to climb onto the bed with me.  I leaned back on my pillows, staring up athim, my heart crashing so hard against my ribs I was sure it would to pop outof my chest. 
He slid hot palmsbeneath the hem of my shirt, moving so slowly, I forgot to breathe.  When they finally reached their destination, aquiver coursed through me, and I bit my lip. In one fluid motion, he pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it tothe floor.  His gaze traced over my skinand ivory bra.  “God, you’re beautiful.”
“You’re not so bad yourself,”I said, my voice shaking. 
He smiled and I closedmy eyes for a moment, trying to reign in the swirl of nerves and excitementcoursing through me.   Am I really going to do this?  What if I mess up?  What if I suck at this?  Then finally, I don’t care, I want him . . . I love him. 
I took one more steadyingbreath, and then met his gaze.  “Comehere.”
All resistance seemedto drain from his face as he stretched out and sank onto me—hard meeting soft.  He nuzzled my bare shoulder, the fresh smellof his tea tree shampoo filling my head. I trailed my hands down his sides, relishing the feel of his skin, andstopped at the waistband of his track pants. Okay, I can do this.  I want to do this.
When I finally musteredup the courage to move my hands lower, he grabbed my wrists preventing me fromreaching my intended target.  “Will, holdon.” 
 “What? What’s the matter?”  Insecuritysurged through me.  “Did I do somethingwrong?” 
He lifted himself off meand rolled onto his back with a groan.  “No,definitely not.  You’re doing everythingright.  Believe me.”
“Then why are youstopping?”  I lifted myself onto my elbowto look down at him.
            Heclosed his eyes.  “I can’t do this.”
            Hesat up and swung his feet to the floor, putting his back to me.  “Before we do this, there’s something youshould know.”
            Alump lodged in my throat.  No goodconversations ever started with those words. I sat up and wrapped my blanket around my shoulders, my mind racing withpossibilities.  Did he not love me?  Or maybe he had some secret girlfriend…orboyfriend.  No, no way he was gay.  Or maybe he just didn’t haveprotection.  That’d be a logical reason tostop.  The moment before had been soperfect, why ruin it?  I sighed.  “Alright, talk.”
            Hedidn’t turn around.  “Rivers accused metonight of doing magic outside of the coven.”           
            Iscrunched my eyebrows together.  “Whywould he think that?”
            “Becausehe saw how strongly you felt about me in such a short amount of time,” he said,his voice flat.
            “Yeah,but he doesn’t know that we were seeing each other behind his back from thebeginning.”  It probably did seem strangethat I was so into Pierce right after breaking it off with Rivers.
            Piercebowed his head.  “Problem is, he’sright.”
            Mytongue grew thick in my mouth, and I pulled the blanket tighter around me. “What do you mean?”
            Hestood and faced me, strain cutting lines into his face.  “The afternoon I brought you home fromschool, the day we got stuck in the rain . . .” 
I nodded, anxiety marchinglike ants up my spine.
He sighed and droppedhis gaze.   “I put a love spell on you.”


Alright, let me know what you think?  And what kind of love scenes do you write--none, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17?


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