Finalist! Yeah, Baby, Yeah!


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was jam-packed, but terrific.  Not only did I get to see Bon Jovi in concert Saturday night (sweeeeet), I also attended the DFW Writers' Conference--which meant ten workshops, plus one keynote speaker (NY Times Bestselling author Jodi Thomas), plus an agents panel (ten agents!) all in two days.  If you live anywhere near this area, you should definitely check out the conference next year.  This group really puts on a good one.


I will try to compile my notes and pass along as many tidbits as I can over this week to let you know what I learned.  But first, I want to share my good news.  Last night I came home after the conference to a wonderful email.

My manuscript Wanderlust is one of the five finalists in the contemporary category of Passionate Ink's (the erotic chapter of RWA) Stroke of Midnight contest!!!  So now my first thirty-five pages go to the editor at Spice Books (Harlequin) for final judging.  Winners will be announced at the end of July.


I also received some superfabulous feedback from the judges to put in my you-are-not-a-total-hack-so-stop-feeling-sorry-for-yourself file that I pull out when I'm ready to toss the laptop into the wood chipper.


There is officially no better feeling than having a complete stranger (who's there to judge you, no less) read your work and have them tell you that you've totally hooked them and that they love your characters.  It's like writer crack.  That is, by far, the part I look forward to most if I were to when (yes, universe, I'm putting you on notice) I get published--making readers feel something and connect with my story.

Now, all I need is a book deal.  You hear that out there dear editors at Harlequin?  I ♥ you, please ♥ me back.  :)  (I'm not above begging, incessant flattery, or gifts.  Just let me know what you prefer.)

Alright, how was your weekend?  Do you keep a folder of good stuff to get you by when you're feeling frustrated about writing?  What do you look forward to most WHEN you get published?


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