WIP Wednesday and Blogfest Reminder


I've been a woman possessed this week.  Since last Wednesday, I've added 12k words to my WIP.  Hollah!  I wish I could tie up my muse and force him (yes, he's male, I write romance, people) to stick around until I finish this thing--but he doesn't respond well to threats.  So I will exploit him while he's here and get everything I can out of this streak.


I'm also happy to report that during this streak I've been able to just write without that b*tch of an internal editor (yes, she's a chick) holding me back.  I know that I'll have to go back and revise and tighten up motivations, inject better words for the place-holding adverbs and weak verbs, and deal with how best to arrange the chapters in this dual timeline story, but the story  is On. The. Page.  Which is most important for me right now.  I'm still not sure how long this one will end up being, but I'm thinking another 20-30k will get me to where I want to go.

 Then I can enter my favorite part of the process--revising.  (Yes, I know, I'm insane to enjoy that part.  But once I have a rough draft, my anxiety level decreases and my mind can relax and see the story more clearly.)

Alright, now a friendly reminder: next Tuesday is the Let's Talk Blogfest!  We have seventy people signed up, so if you want to be part of the cool kids, go here and sign up.  It's going to be a lot of fun and get can all kinds of new people to your blog (and there's even a prize involved).  For those of you who have signed up--thanks--and I hope you've got your excerpt ready.  I look forward to reading everyone's contributions.  :)

So, how's your WIP going?  What's the gender of your muse or internal editor?  Do you find you write in big bursts then hit a wall and have to wait for the next streak to hit or are you more methodical?


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"Don't Go Away" - Buckcherry
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