Writer Phobia: The Last Idea


Recently, I've done posts on waiting to query the first novel and on working on more than one WIP at a time.  In the comments of some of these posts, a few of you have expressed a fear that I think is common among writers (including myself.)  What is it?


The fear that you only have one amazing idea and if that book doesn't work out, you're not sure if there is anything left in the well.

I definitely had this fear when I was writing my first novel.  And pretty much anytime I'm writing something new, there is a point where I have the paralyzing thought: "What if this is my last idea?"

I know there are some of you who get ideas as often as I get hunger pains (damn diet), but I am not one of those people.  I may get a whisper of a scene or a hint of a character, but nothing fully formed or particularly high concept ever just smacks me over the head.

When I'm ready to start something new, I have to make a conscious effort to open up my mind and brainstorm for a few days or weeks.  And thankfully, so far, I've always had another story come to me.

So when that fear hits me, I try to remember that the ideas will come when they're ready.  My theory is that I'm too one-track minded.  I don't have room for new ideas when I'm writing my current story because I'm totally immersed in this story and these characters and nothing else seems nearly as awesome or enticing.  I can't open the doors to my brain until my current project is done living there.

So just keep in mind when this phobia takes over that it's unfounded.  We are creative people.  I guarantee that none of us only has one great idea.  Sometimes we just need to get some distance from our current idea/book to make room for new characters to check into the inn.

Now, how about you?  Have you ever had this phobia?  Or, are you one of those people who gets ideas so often that there isn't enough time in the day to pursue them all (What? No, i'm not turning green. *ducks head*)?  

If you have had this fear (*bumps knuckles with you*), what did you do to get past it?  Do you have to step away from one project in order to get your idea factory churning?

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