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Today is Tina Lynn's Bad Boy Blogfest!  Okay, so admittedly I forgot about this blogfest until I saw people's entries go up today.  I usually pull something from my WIP for these, but today I'm going to use something from my completed romance, Wanderlust.  Hope you enjoy!


Setup:  Aubrey, a food writer, has been assigned to fill-in for the music reporter and cover Lex's band for a story.  Lex does not want her digging around because the band is having issues he doesn't want leaked to the press or record company.  This scene is in a dive restaurant with all band members and Aubrey.  Lex and Jared are at the bar getting drinks for the table.


Jared ordered a Crown and water and three beers, then leaned against the bar. “So what do you think of reporter girl?”
            Lex shrugged as he watched Aubrey laugh at something Sean said. “Kind of stuck up. She’s definitely a society girl.”
            Jared cocked his head. “You think? She seems kind of cool to me.”
            “She’s dangerous,” Lex warned. “She saw us fighting today. If we’re not careful, she could blow open all the sh*t we’re in to the world.”
            “Dude, you and Sean can’t go a day without fighting lately. How are we going to hide that?” The bartender lined up their drinks on the bar, and Jared dropped a tip on the counter.
            Lex grabbed his beer and took a swig. “I’m going to get her to drop the story.”
            “Seriously? How the hell are you going to do that?”
            Lex grinned. “I’m going to give her the full rock and roll experience, drag her so far out of her comfort zone that she’ll go running back to her four-star restaurants.”
            The drummer ran a hand through his short-cropped black hair. “Or I could just sleep with her.”
            Lex whipped his head around. “What?”
            Jared swirled his drink, then took a sip, his dark eyes dancing with mischief.  “If I screw her, then we could claim conflict of interest on the story, get her pulled off it. Plus, she’s hot. I’d totally be willing to take one for the team.” He pulled the stir stick out of his drink and tossed it on the bar.      
            Lex’s blood roared in his ears. “Jared, stay the hell away from her.”
            He lifted his eyebrows and raised a hand in defense. “Chill, dude. It was only a suggestion. If you want, you could be the one to nail her.”
            “Look, I’ll handle her, okay?”
            They made their way back to the table and handed out beers. Lex made sure to lean in between Sean and Aubrey to put the drink down so that Sean had to scoot his chair away from her. Lex slid back into his spot across from Aubrey. She had a pen in her hand and was making notes on a small pad she had placed on the table.
            Lex frowned. “What are you doing?”
            She looked up. “I was asking Sean a few questions for the story. He was telling me how you all met.”
            “Ahh, all work and no play for you, huh?”
            She twirled her pen in her fingers, considering him. “What would you like me to write? A story about which kind of sandwiches you guys prefer? I do have to ask some questions.”
            “A sandwich story? Isn’t that what you usually do?” Lex asked, smirking.
            Her eyes narrowed. “Something like that.”
            Lex could tell he was starting to annoy her—that telltale shade of anger was creeping into her cheeks. Good. “So how’d you get to be head food writer anyway? Aren’t food critics usually old? Does your daddy own the magazine or something?”
            Her jaw flexed, but her tone remained calm. “No, my father hasn’t done me any favors. But I guess you assume that’s how it works since I heard your daddy paved your way into the music business.”
            He counted to ten in his head to keep his composure. This girl didn’t back down. He wasn’t used to that. How long had it been since a woman even questioned him? Two years of yeses and whatever-you-wants had left him unsure of how to handle someone like Aubrey. He met her eyes. “Don’t believe everything you hear. We’ve paid our dues.”
            She held his gaze. “So have I.”
            He didn’t believe that for a minute. She had pampered written all over her, but he let it go. For now.
            “So what’s next?” Jared asked, tapping two straws on the table like they were his drumsticks. “It’s not even ten yet.”
            Lex smiled. “Well, I figured since we need to get some songs written, we should do something for inspiration.”
            Sean examined his reflection in the window next to their table, touching the tips of his blond spikes. “Like what?”
            “I’ve got a few ideas,” Lex said, slowly peeling the label off his beer. “I was thinking we’d go old school.”
            Jared gave him a knowing nod. “Gotcha, I’m in.”
            “Aubrey, how ‘bout you?” Lex asked.
            She gave him a pointed look and tucked her notebook into her purse. “As long as it’s legal, I’m up for whatever.”
            He attempted his most angelic smile. “Of course we wouldn’t ask you to do anything illegal.”


Alright, I'd love to hear what you think.  :)  And don't forget to check out the other entries in Tina's blogfest here.

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