WIP Wednesday and Seeking Betas


So I'm almost there...I can see it in the distance...the end.  I'm at 71,700 words as of this morning.  I'm thinking I'll probably get to around 80k before I type "the end".  I also have a chapter earlier in the book I left hanging that I need to finish, so I'm not sure where that will leave the word count.


I know there is a lot of work still to be done.  Beyond editing, I have a number of threads that I added later in the book (yes, pantsing my way along) that I have to go setup in the earlier chapters.  But I'm seriously excited about wrapping up the final chapters.  I've mentioned before that I struggle with endings, so once I have that on paper, I feel much better.  Editing and revising are much more comfortable for me (meaning I'm not a manic ball of anxiety like I am when I'm drafting), so I look forward to entering that stage.

Now, all this means that soon I will need beta readers.  Yes, I have a critique group.  They rock.  However, only one of the members is an erotic romance reader, so the rest don't feel qualified to crit this WIP.  (Plus, I understand that this genre is niche and not for everyone.)  So, I'm putting the call out.

I know most of you don't read this genre, but if anyone out there is an erotic romance reader (or writer) and you'd be willing to beta read for me, please email me (button in top right sidebar).  I'm looking for global feedback vs. line edit type crits.  Obviously, I'd be willing to crit your work back if you're a writer.  If you're interested, we could start with a few chapters to see if we fit as betas.  (Fair warning:  Before you volunteer, know that this book is not a spicy romance, it's erotic romance.  If you haven't read Harlequin Spice/Ellora's Cave/Berkley Heat type books, then this may not be the right fit.)

Alright, so how is your WIP coming?  Do you usually know where your word count is going to land?

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