Commenting on Comments - What's Your Opinion?


Hope everyone had a good weekend.  Today I have a quick question:  What do you expect from your blog friends with regards to commenting?


Sierra posted today about the Canon of a Good Blog Host today (apparently she's my new blogging muse because I keep getting ideas from her).  She purported that a good blog host responds to comments in the comments section (not via email).   And I hear where she's coming from--I even have my own canon on How to be a Good Blogger that I did last year.

Last week, after reading Simon's post about switching his tactics, I tried the suggested method of responding via email because I was finding it difficult to respond to each and every comment in the comments section.  Scrolling back and forth and listing everyone's name, etc. was taking forever.  (Here is where I send out my general plea to Blogger to implement threaded comments like Wordpress has.)  I'm not sure if I love the email method or not, especially since some people don't have their email address linked to their blogger and therefore, I can't reply, so they get left out.

So I'm putting out the question to you guys.  What do you prefer/expect a blogger to do?

1.  The blogger responds to every comment in the comments section.  (This means you come back or subscribe to comments so that you can see if someone replied to you.)
2.  The blogger responds to an occasional comment within the comments section so that you know he/she is part of the conversation but not each and every one.
3.  The blogger emails a response to your comment.
4.  The blogger doesn't need to respond because once you comment, you don't check back.

I'm really curious because I love comments and hearing what everyone has to say, and I definitely don't want anyone to feel ignored.  However, I also have to find some way to balance the time I spend on blog stuff with the time I spend on actual writing and on general life stuff.


So what's your opinion?  And what do you try to do on your own blog?

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