I'm Not a Murderer, I Swear


You ever watch Dateline or 20/20 when they're doing stories on real-life murder mysteries?  Many times when they're investigating the prime suspect, some of the most compelling evidence turns out to be the person's search history on their computer.  Wife dies from what looks like an apparent overdose, but then, lo and behold, dear husband has been researching that drug on the internet.

Well, as I was researching things for the climactic scenes of the suspense portion of my WIP this week, I realized my google history would be quite damning if anyone were ever to look.  I tweeted about this, but here is a sampling of topics in my google search this week:
Effects of heroin on the system
Tranquilizer guns
Leather restraints
How big the trunks of certain cars are
Um, yeah.  So I look like a serial killer-to be, lol.  I wonder what authors who are writing about terrorist plots do when researching--they could land themselves on a no-fly list right quick.  
So anyway, I thought it would be fun to ask you guys...what's on your google history?  What would people think you were up to if they saw what you'd been researching?

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"Wanted: Dead or Alive" - Bon Jovi
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