My Goodreads List is Staring Me Down


So at the beginning of the year, I made the lofty goal of reading a hundred books in a year.  A hundred?  Sure, I could do that.  Hell, last year, I hit around 80 and I wasn't even trying.  Then....*insert scary music here* the kidlet decided napping was for sissies.  He's two.  Wasn't napping supposed to last until at least 13?  No?


So my writing time had to be moved from that luscious two hours in the afternoon, into post kidlet bedtime, which was reserved for my reading time.  *sigh*  So add in that I've been obsessed with finishing my WIP, I am failing miserably at my goal.  As it sits right now, I've read twenty books this year and it's already July.  I'm thinking 50 is going to be a more realistic goal.

Which is almost exactly the number of To-Be-Read books on my Goodreads list.  (No, this does not mean I won't buy another book before the end of the year.  Let's not talk crazy.)  By the way, if you want to befriend me on goodreads or see my daunting list, click here.

I know I have even more books than that because I haven't entered them all on the website, but I'm not going to think about that.  Hopefully, as I wrap up editing this WIP, I'll be able to take a much needed mental break and read my face off before starting a new project.

You hear that TBR pile?  It's on!  Stop staring at me.  That goes for you, too, Kindle!

So how are your beginning of the year goals going?  Is your TBR pile frightening or manageable?  Which book in that pile can you not wait to read?

**And don't forget to stop by tomorrow, we have author Elizabeth Craig stopping by to talk about writing  mysteries!**

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