Does Your Novel Have A Theme Song?


Any of you who have hung around my blog for a while have probably figured out that I'm a big music fan--hence the daily blog theme song, the romance I wrote about a rockstar, and my regular tweets about going to concerts or playing Guitar Hero. (Yes, I'm a thirty-year-old mom who plays Guitar Hero--look, I never said I was cool, alright.)


So it's probably no surprise that I find music very inspiring for my writing process too.  Sometimes a song can spark a story idea or sometimes I'll hear a song later and it resonates perfectly with something I've written already. The latter happened to me the other day.

I was driving, thinking about my book, and a song that I've heard many times before came on.  However, this time I really heard the lyrics and they gave me chills--the song fit the theme of my book perfectly.  So now every time I hear it, it just makes me want to work on the book more.

So here's my theme song for Exposure Therapy. Now, I know it's a sad song--and yes my romance does have a happy ending, it is a romance after all--but there are also a lot of dark things these characters have to handle within themselves before getting there.

"Outside" by Staind   (player in sidebar, if you want to hear the song)

Staind - Outside Lyrics @

So I'm curious, do you use music in your writing?  What's one of the songs that you'd put on the soundtrack for your book?  Does your story have a theme song?